Friends with Benefits - Tow Jockey Five Second Review

27 Aug 2012 07:12 #271403 by repoman
It's a romantic comedy and it follows all the rules...

It's a romantic comedy and it follows all the rules and cliches of romantic comedies. But wait, here's the thing, it knows it's a romantic comedy, it knows romantic comedies are cheesy, and it wants you to know that it knows. So through out the movie we have many nudges and winks towards the audience, including one scene where the couple is actually watching a romantic comedy, to let you know that you are still cool and in on the joke. It is passable  with some funny lines and situations. Some of the required "adorable but cooky" family memebers are mildly amusing. But it is often uneven and the "hey wait we're still hip" moments do nothing other than to remind you that you are watching a movie. There is plenty of A-team grade sex scenes in the movie.(Plenty of action and bullets being fired but nobody getting shot.) I don't think Mila Kunis even shows a single boob. The actors play their parts to the inevitable conclusion of "happy ever after" and I was left wondering why I didn't just watch When Harry Met Sally or While You Were Sleeping instead.

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