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May 06, 2008    


In an idle moment over the weekend I thought about all the games that I'd played more than about twenty times. Considering that I keep banging on about the importance of replayability in games the answer surprised me a bit - there were only five, and what's more there's quite a considerable gap between the amount I've played those five and all the other games I own. The games in question were Risk, Space Hulk, Titan, Twilight Struggle and (most shockingly of all) Attika. Curiosly only two of them - Titan and TS - are games I'd rate amongst my absolute favourites although all are good. So I pondered a little more about what it was about those games that had made me rack up quite so many plays and hadn't managed to come up with anything all five shared beyond them being "really good games" when it suddenly struck me. I'd missed one off the list. I hadn't added my most played game of all, a game which I've probably played more times than all the other five put together. That game is Warhammer Fantasy Battle.


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