Beyond the Veil – The Arkham Horror Card Game: Miskatonic Museum

08 Aug 2019 00:00 #300830 by thegiantbrain
After the events of the ‘House Always Wins’ and ‘Extracurricular...

This is a series of articles looking at the individual scenarios of Arkham Horror, starting with the Dunwich Legacy expansion. These will be my impressions after playing through the scenario at least once and will be focusing on the mechanics and how those reinforce the story elements of a given scenario. These articles will contain extensive spoilers and assume a familiarity with the terms and mechanics of the game. Please do not read on if you have not played the scenario in the title yet.


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15 Aug 2019 22:05 #300831 by DarthJoJo
You're right. This can be a hugely swingy scenario as so much of the threat comes from the Hunting Horror. If you draw it, as I once did, before even breaking through the doors and into the museum, you're in for a rough night. If you can duck it long enough, the scenario is a walk. Still, I like the mechanic of this thing bulking up as it runs you down, and the single enemy scenario-concept is one that remains unique forty-odd scenarios later.
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