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Five Underrated Ameritrash +1

26 Feb 2018 10:22 - 26 Feb 2018 10:26 #264027 by Sagrilarus

Motorik wrote: 2. Rush N' Crush - yeah yeah yeah, it's French, whatever. It's awesome, especially if you have two or three sets to build really out-there tracks. I think Pete and I are the only people who ever played this.

Oh no -- Rush 'N Crush kicks ass, especially if you play in teams and have at least two laps in the mix. The game's components are clearly geared towards team play, but the rules don't speak to it. Once we put teams into the mix the game just came alive. With six Rush 'N Crush can be a complete blast, often with one team member being a runner and the other team member being a hunter. Team to get one car across the line wins.

France has created some of the best Trash gaming out there. The Adventurers is French too. Kemet, Cyclades, Full Metal Planet . . . There's word of a redesign for Rush 'N Crush from a playtester, but I heard that about two years back and it's been silent ever since. Don't know if it's proceeding.
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26 Feb 2018 10:29 #264032 by Motorik
Wow, that's news to me about a redesign! I'd love to see more Rush N' Crush but, at the same time, I remember how a few years ago there was a big surplus of shrinkwrapped copies going for like 10-15 bucks at all the online retailers (which is why I snapped up two extra copies for track-building purposes).

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26 Feb 2018 10:32 #264033 by hotseatgames
Rush 'n Crush is cool, although I think I've only played it once or twice. I actually just got a starter set of Mage Knight Dungeons. It seems potentially neat, and a lot of the components slot nicely into Frostgrave.

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28 Feb 2018 13:22 - 28 Feb 2018 13:35 #264153 by Mr. White
Easy list...

Still the single greatest co-op I've ever played. All the dice rolling prevents 'alpha dogs' and the theme, narrative, and early 90s art is a hoot. Perhaps you'll score a windfall and get the privilege of flying over demongrounds...most likely you'll be hunting for ETs with a zip gun and knife...well, that is if you aren't stuck in the hospital during Morlock raids...

The undisputed king of wrestling games. I mark out for Big Daddy Warbucks. Everybody has a price....

Quirky fantasy game with no combat was involved. This made the game a rarity in the 90's. Hauling pipeweed and dragons is fun, but check out the accompanying novelization! What? Yeah, one exists...

Fun 'Death Race 2000/Mad Max' style card game based on Up Front I believe. Has a neat little campaign system as well. This is the only game on the list I wish I played more than I did. During its time, I was sucked into GW's Dark Future.

Crazy wargame with a unique setting and comes with a great little background story. I still call small, weak units 'popcorn' no matter the game...trying to correct this habit though...
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28 Feb 2018 13:47 #264154 by Da Bid Dabid
White. Tell me in a world with Luchador! and WWE Showdown why I should track down a copy of Wrasslin'.

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28 Feb 2018 13:52 - 28 Feb 2018 13:55 #264156 by Mr. White
To be fair, I haven't played WWE Showdown. Luchador! is a trip, but very light on the wrestling theme.
Wrasslin' has a bit more diversity in play options and action that goes on in and around the ring (managers for example). It's definitely old school though and there can be bouts where your wrestler just can't do anything (due to lack of viable cards). Not modern at all, so depending on the group, will determine its success. We've always had fun with it and the most recent play was bout 4 years ago. The wrestlers all play differently and stuff such as weight comes into play. great fun if you set up a little league/promotion system.
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28 Feb 2018 15:32 - 28 Feb 2018 15:59 #264168 by Colorcrayons

Sagrilarus wrote:

MattDP wrote:

charlest wrote: No, no, no, no. I can't fathom a world where anyone should play Red November, ever.


I'd vote for Sucking Vacuum to replace Red November, a game that invariably ends with a sudden betrayal that gets everyone at the table yelling at each other. Cheesy-ass self-published thin-cardboard pre-kickstarter game where some guy had an idea and blew a roll of bills to get it published on the cheap. I'd love to pick up the rights and redo it, because with a little burnishing it could be a classic.

Red November is a weird-ass retheme of what was supposed to be a more sanguine subject, the loss of the Kursk. As it stands it's like having a slice of cheesecake served on top of a sirloin. Something just ain't right.

Holy Hell. I forgot all about Sucking Vaccuum..
I should amend my first post to include t instead of room 25 as I think it is a much better romper room. But I'll stick by Room 25 anyways as a game, it is a bit better.

But Sucking Vacuum.... now thats a good time. Very very underrated and quite missed. I wish I had remembered it before I made my entry.
The game was definitely a labor of love. If you look at the art assets of the game, somebody went through a lot of effort to make them very detailed and a lot of "in" humor. "Coping with decompression"... so many good things about that game.

Interesting about Red Novemeber and rethemed from the Kursk salient (Operation Citadel?). I'd love to know more about that as thats one aspect of WWII that I was always enamoured with.
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