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Andean Abyss PBEM

28 Feb 2015 02:26 #198528 by ThirstyMan
Replied by ThirstyMan on topic Andean Abyss PBEM
Firstly, it makes a HUGE difference playing PBEM with guys/gals from The Fort. I am struggling to get confirmations from random guys on FB in order to even start a game of Cuba Libre.

Secondly, Fort guys have really taken to trash talking each other on Google Docs and role playing. Not essential, I know, but still fun.

Conclusion, I'm sticking with The Fort and a message from the AUC:

"We are hunting you Communist bastards in the jungles. We are fed up of burning down Marxist training camps and we are running out of marker pens to draw penises on posters of Karl Marx"
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28 Feb 2015 14:33 #198549 by Not Sure
Replied by Not Sure on topic Andean Abyss PBEM
So in 17 days, we've logged 50 moves.

This is a blazing pace.

I agree, the trash talk in Google Docs helps the game out quite a bit. You're just a little more invested.

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15 Apr 2015 22:28 #200840 by Not Sure
Replied by Not Sure on topic Andean Abyss PBEM
And it's all over.

Game slowed down a bit towards the end, which was almost entirely my fault (I went on vacation for a week, then moved into a new house).

The game went to the bitter end, to be decided on goal differential. Final scores were:
Govt: +0
AUC: -2
Cartels: -3
FARC: -5

Thirsty was playing the AUC, and was a constant threat. He probably should have won, but was surprised by the last Propaganda card and got cut out of the move sequence on the final card. Going into the last card the scores were:

Cartels: +0 (wins ties)
AUC: +0
FARC: -6
Govt: -7

I was playing the Government, and it was a good final draw for me, with Government up first on a good event. I took the event, which was three free airstrikes. There were a lot of unguarded Cartels bases, so I blew three away to reduce the Cartels differential. One of those I blew away was in a FARC-dominated territory, as I also needed FARC to build bases to reduce the AUC differential, but the base sites were all full of drug dealers.

FARC built two bases to knock the AUC down a bit, and I was able to recover enough in Civic Actions to regain 7 points (and cost FARC -2 at the same time).

This was definitely a learning game for me, and I put my down more to luck than to skill. I was pretty sure I'd put myself out of it in the middle of the game when I overdeployed Police. I misplayed Police throughout the whole game, first not training enough of them, then wasting the opportunity on ones I had. With all 12 out in the board, I was reduced to trying to get one kidnapped or killed so I could redeploy them into the countryside. It was mathematically impossible for me to win in a Propaganda card (although an event I got skunked out of would have changed that).

Earlier in this thread I said I felt like I was on the losing end of the turn order, and I think that was true in the early game. In the mid-game, that all turned around and I was picking up first choices a lot, including some prime events. After turn two, I was never short of money which helps immensely. FARC spent most of turn 4 scratching for funds, which hampered his ability to grow. I think if we were more experienced some deals should have been cut there, both the Cartels and I were flush with cash.

I was surprised at how little shooting went on. I did a few attacks, and the AUC did a few targeted assassinations, but a lot of it was a cold war of jockeying around. The biggest attrition was me constantly spraying defoliant on Cartels bases to keep the numbers down (which was only possible through getting good turn order late-game).

I also never saw an actual drug shipment produced. Cartels were focused on expansion all game, which kept them in a good position, but meant I was constantly looking for ways to knock them down. AUC picked up an excellent event that protected him from the Government for an entire (long) turn, but they and FARC tended to chip away at each other and keep a balance there.

110 move files in about 60 days. Great game with good opponents, and enjoyable trash talk in Google Docs (although that fell off towards the end).
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16 Apr 2015 08:39 - 16 Apr 2015 08:43 #200851 by ThirstyMan
Replied by ThirstyMan on topic Andean Abyss PBEM
Here's the trash talk, which really made the game for me. Thanks to all the participants it was super fun and a great experience.

CARTELS: I am but a simple farmer, like my father and grandfather before me, working the land. We don’t understand your city ways, and only want to farm in peace.

AUC: I get he’s a simple guy, but he can at least type in the right colour for trash talk (corrected).

GOV: Who’s running this country? That’s right, it’s me. One moment while I peruse the rules…

FARC: You may be running the country for now, capitalist lackey, but soon the people will rise up

AUC: But not before the glorious fascisti take their rightful place in society. FUCK Commies.

AUC: El Presidente, the drug trade looks like it’s getting a bit out of control.

AUC: Being a death squad peace loving self defence organisation. I, Carlos Castaño, would like to point out that the hated drug dealers of our nation are gaining a foothold in the eastern jungle areas. If nothing is done, they will reap the profits soon and overwhelm us all with bribing, car bombings and what not. As much as I despise the politics of the movement known as FART FARC, in the name of the hard working people of Columbia, if you consider yourselves to be a peoples movement, keeping in mind you have bases in the jungle with logistical support, please deal with these wannabe gangsters.

El Presidente, when the wheels of Government finally get moving, I would suggest spraying the entire area with some environmentally friendly chemical like Agent Orange. That should do the trick. I don’t WANT to advise my followers to go in there hacking off people’s cocks and stuffing them in their mouths but, if I have to, I will.

GOV:Looks like there was some Agent Orange lying around after all. Anyone else who wants to take a shot at the pushers looks like they might get their chance in the next two cards. I’ll just continue to move last, it seems. Farc definitely looks dangerous, they’ve poisoned a lot of the country against me. I spent the beginning of the year working against the trade, and all it got me was more Communists running around.

AUC:There seems to have been a bit of a reaction to the Agent Orange from the Communists in Huila. This should be dealt with, as they breed like rabbits and cause no end of problems. I’m thinking FARC need to be taught a lesson about trying to build too many bases and agitating amongst the unwashed.

El Presidente, any chance we can deal with these fuckers? I understand that you do have some sound proofed rooms in a few jails around the country. Time to start ‘encouraging’ them to behave?

NIce handling of the hostage crisis BTW. Who was in charge of that op? Col Ronald McDonald by any chance?

El Presidente, it would appear that your Agent Orange spraying may be able to cause a permanent dent in coca production. Something to consider? Perhaps even our freedom loving communists may wish to dent the trade. I am warning you both, you let this guy gain bases, willy nilly, now, it will be hard to stop the spate of bombings that will follow. I would have done something myself but organisation is difficult with only Limited resources.
There is now a greater than 50% chance that Propaganda will occur soon. No time to waste on this issue.
A bit more Agent Orange in the Amazon might help, El Presidente. Watch out for the Mexican Cartels.. On the other hand, smacking the Communists is always a good idea in my books.

GOV:Is there no one left loyal in this country? Truly a sad day in our nation’s history, when I have to forgo protecting vital transportation routes to flush out hidden traitors in the fields and forests.

AUC:All you have from me is sympathy. I’m all in with smacking FARC.
Force FARC into a Limited action so the event can’t be played against you and damage can be done to them. If FARC are allowed full actions they will build more bases because they will breed like rabbits (as has been mentioned before) and they will be unstoppable.

FARC:Once again the people see how El Pissidente Simpler dances to whatever tune the right wing fascist mercenary lackeys of the landed elites play. If it is his intention to let AUC run the country he is certainly moving in the right direction.

AUC:Yeah yeah. FARC are all talk and no trousers. El Presidente, if you don’t spank FARC and force them to have Limited options they will 100% take over the country. I told you they breed like rabbits and look what is happening. If you would like some well connected friends of mine to go and encourage FARC to support the country, I am happy to serve. In the meantime, the army are in the countryside holding their dicks. Burn some villages, that’s what I say.

FARC:I beg your pardon Gilberto Rodriguez. In my zeal to gun down the fascists some of your “farmers” were caught in the crossfire. Again my humblest apologies.

GOV:Your terror spree has only made the villagers rat you out to the authorities, so we’ll be coming for you in the jungles. No apologies will be forthcoming.

AUC:Exactly, El Presidente. You may wish to also consider some Agent Orange exports to Ecuador. We can’t allow these filth to continue to make money off the backs of the peasants. Nice to see some of those communist scum defecting to the AUC cause. I am not surprised when the other option is boring lectures on outdated Marxist-Leninist theory and ‘how to make a red flag’ classes.

Now, let’s all stop getting our panties in a twist. The AUC do not intend to take over the Government as there are more than 14 cycles before the next election/street fight, I think it’s a bit early to be helping FARC in their quest to take over the Government, as using fear of a Fascist takeover is playing straight into their hands.

GOV:It appears that even though the AUC has legitimized themselves in the political arena, there may have been some FARC sympathizers in the Air Force. Colonel Bãstardo has been relieved of his command, but alas the damage is done.

AUC: Now, should FARC wish to attempt to invade Antioquia, they will find that we will find a way to bomb them out of Huila and anywhere else they try to set up Marxist training camps. El Presidente, it would appear the civilians in Arauca are not in full support of the Government. I suggest you get your ass on FARC and allow the AUC to help.

I would also humbly suggest that the Government stop wasting time buying anti terror gear and what not and start actually shooting some communists. Talk is cheap, let’s see some action and, by the way, spray the bloody countryside again before those drug twats get a hold.

GOV:The AUC can shoot as many Communists as they would like, and vice-versa. I haven’t seen a whole lot of action between these two supposedly bitter enemies, you both just keep blowing up innocent people in the countryside. If FARC chooses to blow up my power lines instead of moving on the fascists, then we’ll all go down together.

FARC:We weren’t planning on blowing any power lines, just wanted to lure some troops out into the countryside so we could spend some time in the cities. We are not a violent group, we just want the country to follow us toward a Communist nirvana.

CARTELS: I just hope our simple family farmers don’t get left out of the negotiations. Just the other day I attended a very sad auction of a 5th generation farmer going out of business - tractors, feed troughs, lab equipment, little plastic bags, etc.

GOV:I’d be a lot more willing to negotiate with FARC if they didn’t keep stirring up trouble in the cities. Looks like I’ll end up spending my money on civic actions instead of buying thousands of copies of Mao’s book. Just saying, if you’re out of funds, don’t attack the guy with the checkbook.
Maybe you can get the farmers to loan you some cash…

AUC:If FARC weren’t on the ‘Hey big spender’ kick they would have some money. Fiscal responsibility that’s what I say. If you had invested in our country’s wonderful tourism trade you would have the benefit of the tourist income instead of kidnapping them and blowing them up.

GOV: I thought your tourist income was from kidnapping them, then blowing them up if nobody pays. Just sayin...
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16 Apr 2015 10:37 #200863 by stoic
Replied by stoic on topic Andean Abyss PBEM
Comedy gold….

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16 Apr 2015 22:03 #200939 by Brewmiester
Replied by Brewmiester on topic Andean Abyss PBEM
Thanks for the game guys, I was learning new moves the whole game. Playing FARC my first game ever was a frustrating but fun experience.

I should have passed on some of those early events and done more rallying. I needed to be more proactive about saving guerrillas by giving up territory I was going to lose anyway. I never caught a break order wise when I finally moved some guys into the cities and on some LOCs. And I needed to concentrate at least a little more on money.

Thanks again for the game, putting up with my newbie mistakes, and congratulations El Presidente!
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17 Apr 2015 16:56 #200999 by Not Sure
Replied by Not Sure on topic Andean Abyss PBEM
Definitely a learning game for me as well. The only thing I did usefully was beat up on the Cartels a lot.

After about Turn 3 I got some understanding of the flow, and then I realized some of the mistakes I'd made. It's tricky to defend all those cities. A bombing spree can really jack up your score, and there aren't enough Civic Actions to repair it in time for an early victory.

The turn order and the weird flows definitely take some getting used to. It was fun, and I'll have to play it some more. I'm interested in playing the other powers, having seen how the Government works. I also hadn't read the deck ahead of time, so every card was new to me.

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18 Apr 2015 04:50 #201017 by ThirstyMan
Replied by ThirstyMan on topic Andean Abyss PBEM
God, are you SUPPOSED to read the entire deck? I never do this.
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18 Apr 2015 08:59 #201020 by stoic
Replied by stoic on topic Andean Abyss PBEM
If another PBEM COIN game pops up and you guys need another player, then please keep me in mind. I'd love to try one of these out. I can download and read the rules. ;-)
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