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Ghiblapalooza Episode 1 - Laputa: Castle in the Sky
Staff Blogs R repoman Updated January 07, 2019 782   0
Repo hosts a film festival featuring the movies included on the "Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli Deluxe 17 Best Movie Collection" set of DVDs.
What is your (current) favorite game? Kemet
Staff Blogs W WadeMonnig Updated January 07, 2019 1701   2
One of the first questions I always get once someone finds out that I am “Into” Board games is “What is your favorite game?” The last few years my answer has been, without hesitation, Matagot’s Kemet.
House of Danger
Staff Blogs MB Michael Barnes Updated January 24, 2019 1414   0
"You suddenly regret playing the worst game of 2018. THE END."
The State of Laser Tag: Real-Life FPS is Now a Thing
Member Blogs EC El Cuajinais Updated August 06, 2018 1717   0
Last month I went to a new indoor laser tag place with my kids here in Greenville, SC. It was sort of fun, but I could not help wonder how is it that in the age of the smartphone and home drones, laser tag has managed to remain so stagnant. I was happy to learn I was wrong.
Tea dragon society game
Staff Blogs MB Michael Barnes Updated January 07, 2019 1099   0
Like a Rainbow in the Dark.
Arkham Horror 3rd Edition Investigators
Staff Blogs U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 1934   0
Arkham Horror is it's own universe, inspired by, but distinct from the Lovecraft Universe.
disney villainous board game
Staff Blogs MB Michael Barnes Updated January 07, 2019 3615   0
Just played Villainous with my kids. I am flabbergasted. Saying that this is Wonder Forge’s best game doesn’t do it justice because it stands up with the best designs out there. It’s a beautifully executed, completely unique game and if you love Disney...they pulled out all the stops to make it FEEL like classic Disney.
Tales of the Arabian Nights: a Game that Plays You.
Member Blogs C CranBerries Updated July 20, 2018 3736   0
If you bring your Euro gaming need for strategic planning or Judeo-Christian expectations for fairness to the game you will be sorely disappointed. Terrible things will happen to you regardless of the choices you make.
Staff Blogs U ubarose Updated January 07, 2019 4287   0
I hosted our game group's Saturday game day for the first time since the fire. Francie Pants finally kicked me in the tush and made it happen. This kick also forced us to deal with finally getting the big-ass table up to the game room. Fortunately Joey Joe Joe the drummer stopped by Wednesday as Engineer Al and I were puzzling over how to get this table up two flights of switch-back stairs, and declared that that it would be a piece of cake compared to hauling around 90 inch TVs, which is something he does on the regular...
I F***ing Well Had That Game!!
Member Blogs DM Dr. Mabuse Updated November 03, 2015 7109   0
Games that were memorable and/or influential to my later gaming choices.
1486 results - showing 51 - 60
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