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Star Wars: Epic Duels
Board Games 2444
Amazingly good
Epic Duels is a nice, light miniatures skirmish game, played on small Star-Wars themed maps.

You get 12 popular characters, each with their own supporter(s), and a deck to go with them. Each character has a different theme--the Emperor has discard and direct damage, Maul is all about blindingly quick attacks, and Luke and Leia have cards that directly feed off of each other.

For an originally $20 game, the bits are amazing with a nice stash of (badly) painted minis, the 12 decks of cards, two double-sided gameboards, character sheets for each team, and a some scorekeeping tokens.

Team play is great, or playing 1 on 1 two-handed. I'm not the biggest fan of straight one on one as it's too luck-based, but managing a team of two characters and their supporters is great fun. You can knock out a game in fifteen minutes with two, and you'll want to play again immediately after your last game.

I've never tried a massive six-player game but I'm betting it could get claustrophobic really quickly.

It's a great little game, if you can find a copy that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, pick it up for sure.

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