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Heroscape Hot
Board Games 9127
Buy this for your son or I'll alert Child Services
(Updated: November 08, 2008)
1. This is the game your boy will remember when he's old and gray.

2. This is the game your boy will have set up for a game when you get home from work.

3. This is the game your boy will go to first under the Christmas tree.

4. This is the game your boy will drive 300 miles to retrieve when you tell him that you're breaking up the house and moving to Florida.

5. This is the game that will take your boy from childish let's-play-pretend games with toy dinosaurs into the world of legitimate competition and tactical decision making on an open field of battle.

6 This is the game that YOU will enjoy playing with him, that will give the two of you common ground, that will help your relationship grow.

There's also something exceptionally satisfying in dropping Mimring in round one.


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