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Jackwraith   May 21, 2018   101  
Nerfs are imminent for Hearthstone.
Painting Minis
san il defanso   May 16, 2018   1022  
Have you been making excuses for not painting the miniatures in your game collection?
Jackwraith   May 15, 2018   408  
An alternative Cubelock that doesn't feel quite as awful.
Jackwraith   May 11, 2018   538  
In September of 2017, the dev team for Hearthstone implemented a number of nerfs to Basic set cards that they felt were too much of a constant in the game. No Druid deck would ever play without Innervate and no Warrior deck without Fiery War Axe. In Shaman's case, the hammer fell on Hex, which was long regarded as the best single-target removal card in the game. In their explanation for why Shaman had been targeted despite not being anywhere near the top of the meta and with only one mildly competitive deck (Evolve/Jade), they stated that “Shaman is...
MattDP   May 02, 2018   3874  
It was a filthy, awful hole. The furniture was ancient, the carpets torn and the wallpaper peeling. There was food mouldering in the fridge when we moved in. But it was cheap and so it was home. It consisted of two rooms. One was a kitchen diner with a bed in it. The other, mine, was a bedroom with an en-suite toilet. I used to lie in bed in the mornings, listening to my flat-mate take a dump while I smoked cigarettes to cover the smell. My small collection of games lived on a high shelf...
Acid Hot
MattDP   March 19, 2018   3764  
Follow @mattthr We'd dropped the acid just before sunset on a day so hot you could smell the tar cooking on the roads. We climbed a hill as we came up and spent the night on a golf course, pretending to play as the shapes and sounds shifted and blurred around us. Then, tired but happy, we lay and let the warm grass tickle our necks as we watched too many stars spinning overhead, twinkling in too many colours. In the hard dawn of another breaking day, we said our...
Sagrilarus   February 05, 2018   1753  
I think one of you guys has my Summoner Wars Master Set. It’s not on the shelf. Do me a favor, play it, or return it. I don't much care which. I used to have a game collection. Now I have games. I used to keep track of what I owned and be able to speak to it with confidence. Now I have a pretty good idea of what’s in the basement, but if someone asks I always make it a point to check I...
War Hot
MattDP   January 22, 2018   6289  
Follow @mattthr Late at night we tumble in from the pub, blood up with beer, hungry for destruction and junk food. Cheeks pink with cold, someone lights a fire and we hurl wood and paper into its bright maw, watching it curl and turn to ash. It's not enough destruction. We want to destroy nations beneath our booted heels. Mare Nostrum gets pulled out from the tottering stack of tattered boxes in the corner. There is the sweet, viscous whisper of some sweet liqueur into glasses, promising a sweeter future. In...
MattDP   January 08, 2018   14167  
Follow @mattthr It is December, 1984. The sky is a gray slate, the air damp and cold. But I am aglow with excitement. As an 11 year old, newly-minted gamer I am about to visit my first proper game shop. It's a little way out of the Norwich city center streets I know, so my Dad guides me, eyes rolling with loving exasperation. At school, a friend has told me what to expect. There will be racks of games and miniatures in "blister packs". I ask my friend what...
MattDP   October 23, 2017   3165  
Early in this year I set myself a goal of playing through as many innovative games as I could. I gave a shout out for candidates, picked the most popular options and got playing. It's taken a long time but the goal was and worthy one: to try and recapture the excitement of discovery in a new game. It's something I seemed to have lost, and I wanted to find out why: was it me, or was it games? Most of all, I just wanted it back. As the leaves turn golden and the nights draw...
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