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MT Matt Thrower Updated April 16, 2019 2104   0
A typical dull British morning: grey skies to dampen the soul but not quite cold or wet or windy enough to even be interesting. Yet, coffee in hand, I feel a misplaced sense of exhilaration. Curving away into the thin fog below me are two sets of parallel rails. I know exactly where they go, back to my childhood home. A small seaside town I've been back to countless times. Still, the low whine of an approaching train heralds a small pleasure. A day of movement without effort to enjoy, to think, to write.
DungeonQuest Revised Edition
U ubarose Updated April 14, 2019 1869   0
You don't play DungeonQuest. DungeonQuest plays you. DungeonQuest was oringinally published in 1987. This push-your-luck dungeon crawl with player elimination is classic old school Ameritrash gaming. Players explore the ruins of Dragonfire Castle, trying to find the treasure chamber and escape the castle with as much treasure as possible. According to the instructions, you have approximatley a 15% chance of getting out alive. It is possible to be eliminated on your first turn. Some gamers call DungeonQuest an activity not a game. Others call it silly fun. What do you think? ...
Pacman Board Game
SR Scott Rogers Updated April 08, 2019 1915   0
I often wonder “why don’t board games sell like video games?” I know that there have been a few tabletop games that have sold a million or more copies (many of which took decades to do so) but none of them sell with the speed that video games do. Why not?
U ubarose Updated April 08, 2019 1790   0
Before we discuss PitchCar, I have a request. If you haven't done so already, please Like us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter. Also, we now have a Weekly Newsletter. You can sign up and recieve one email a week with our 10 most popular stories, so you never miss a thing. Sign up is in the right hand column on every article page. And now onto PitchCar. This beautiful wooden racing game of of skill and dextirity has a real WOW factor. Set this up at your next family gathering, and...
J Jacknwade Updated April 01, 2019 3706   2
Wade and Marc take a look at the trio of Dudes on a Map (DoaM) games from Matagot that often don't play anything like that type of game.
U ubarose Updated March 31, 2019 2215   0
In 2010 Michael Barns wrote in his review of Runewars: "Runewars is, as many of us know by now, a pretty great game. I like it a lot, and after owning it for about a month I still want to play it week in and week out, which is a good sign. I think it's got legs, and I think over time its stature will grow with expansions." What do you think? Is it pretty great? Did it have legs? 
MT Matt Thrower Updated March 25, 2019 2884   0
Angry male nerds are a blight upon the earth. Almost every dreadful cultural phenomenon of the past decade, from internet harassment, to social media bubbles, all the way up to cases of mass murder has been propelled by bitter, socially awkward young men. These are potentially people in our social spaces, and it's essential we help tackle it. So when I see things like this essay on toxic masculinity in gaming, I read it, looking for insight.
U ubarose Updated March 22, 2019 1341   0
Quarriors!, published in 2011, was the first "Dice Pool Building Game," modeled on the deck building genre but substituting dice for the cards. It was a huge hit, winning Origins Award for “Best Family, Party or Children’s Game” in 2013. It recieved 5 expansions and was eventually the basis for the Dice Master series. A new edition, Quarriors!: Qultimate Quedition, which includes the base game and all five expansions, is scheduled for release later this month, which seems to indicate that Quarriors! remains popular. But what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Did you ever play it? Do you...
J JonathanVolk Updated March 19, 2019 4417   0
Jonathan Volk continues with Episode 2 of A Seat at the Table, looking at gaming’s obsession with serious, “complex” games. The first episode, “Playtime”, can be found here.
Age of Steam Board Game
J Juniper Updated March 15, 2019 2544   0
With the new Age of Steam Kickstarter, the old Age of Steam Legal dispute has resurfaced. As some people may be unfamiliar with the dispute we are reprinting this article originall published here in 2009 with an added up date from March 14, 2019,
712 results - showing 1 - 10
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