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Why Do I Own This? - Part 4
Staff Blogs SI san il defanso Updated August 08, 2019 1069   0
Does Catan still hold up? Is Cockroach Poker the best game there is about lying? Is Clash of Cultures still the best civilization game there is, or was it ever? Find the answers to these questions as Nate asks himself, "Why do I own this?"
Cockroach Poker
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3.8 (6)
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Eight types of creepy critters are depicted on the Cockroach Poker cards, your job isn't to win, simply to make sure that you don't lose! Players take it in turns to pass a card, face down to one of their opponents and say out load what's on the card. They might bluff, or they might be telling the truth... is it a rat? or is it really a stink bug? The recipient can either accept the card, saying if they think the player is telling the truth or bluffing... or they can peek at the card and pass it on...If...
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Analysis W WadeMonnig Updated February 27, 2019 2665   2
When you have a family of six, as I do, getting everyone on the same page or interested in gaming on the same night is a rarity. When the stars do align, the number of interested or attending members can vary, along with how long they will be engaged in actually playing. Card games have virtually zero set-up time, don't require a huge time commitment and can accommodate a flexible number of players. The following card games are the ones that consistently provide the best experience for my family.
3 results - showing 1 - 3