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Short Cut to Remote Gaming Forum (29 Aug 2020)

Since remote gaming has now become a significant part of how we play board games, we have added a short cut to this forum in the menu on the left.

× Talk about the latest and greatest AT, and the Classics.

Ice Pirates Arms Trade -- RESULTS POSTED on Page 1

30 Jan 2013 16:00 #142823 by VonTush
Shipping from North Kansas City, MO 64116.
Covering first $12 to ship.

-7 Ages: Complete, unpunched, cards out of wrap.
-Battlestar Galactica: Old 1978 version NOT FFG!!! Complete, parts unpunched.
-Bonaparte at Marengo: Complete, unplayed, shrink removed.
-Borderlands and Expansion #1: Complete, box is beat up.
-Chill: Back Morn Manor: Box has a blown corner, should be complete from what I remember.
-The Fury of Dracula: GW Edition, missing one vampire counter, metal minis!
-Mythgardia: I can't remember which number it is...495 or so out of 500 I think. Box a little bent (arrived that way) since box just means some glossy cardboard. Otherwise complete and in good shape.
-Rail Baron: Complete, box beat up.
-The Siege of Jerusalem 2nd Ed: Complete, unpunched. Box beat up.

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30 Jan 2013 17:19 #142825 by ThirstyMan
$100 in vouchers of your choice.

If I split it into 5 $20 vouchers would that be better?

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31 Jan 2013 02:15 - 31 Jan 2013 13:29 #142851 by allismom3
Chris, Upstate NY- 12309. I will pay the first $15 in shipping.

Clash of the Gladiators- minor warping to the board, it does not lie flat. Does not effect game play. Shelf wear on the box.
Fairy Meat and Clockwork Stomp Expansion - counters punched and bagged
Murder City- opened, but unplayed
Wings of War: Watch Your Back- 2-3 plays
Chaos Isle w/ all Expansions- unplayed
Small game Bundle- FaceEater and HeroCard: Orc Wars- both unplayed

Red Steel 2- in shrink
Last edit: 31 Jan 2013 13:29 by allismom3.

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31 Jan 2013 03:00 #142852 by QPCloudy
Multiple copies of Starcraft and Tide of Iron in this mt. Nice.

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31 Jan 2013 03:00 - 04 Feb 2013 23:53 #142853 by Sagrilarus
I'll pay $12 to ship, I'll ship cheap and I likely already have a box that fits in the garage. The rest will be your responsibility and I take Paypal.

Shipping will be from Annapolis, Maryland.

Sentinels of the Multiverse -- First Edition, played twice, ultra-clean.

Nightfall PLUS! Nightfall: The Coldest War -- both still in the shrinkwrap. My GOD is that a good grab!

Nightfall: The Coldest War -- Another! Still in shrinkwrap.

Cleopatra and the Society of Architects -- Shrinkwrapped. Awfully pretty, contains Courtesans, and you deal in corruption the entire game.

Elasund, The First City of Catan -- screw your euro friends to the wall with this one. The game caused one big-ass argument in my group and I can't bring it without the argument starting again!

Beowulf the Legend -- Last time there were about seven copies of this on the block. I'll include it for old-time's sake. Doesn't look like a half bad game.

Conquest of Pangea PLUS the Atlantis expansion -- both never played.

Archaeology -- This isn't the card game, it's the original board game that the designer hand-assembled and sold via a thread on BGG. Played once, in killer condition. The gameplay isn't stunning but if you're a guy that likes first-runs or rare items this is pretty unique.

Founding Fathers -- This is an IQ test. Make an offer for this and you fail it.

Adel Verpflichtet -- Box opened but never played. This is the Avalon Hill print and comes with the Avalon Hill catalog that was included in the box. Seriously, in the old days you read about games in little paper booklets, not on your phone. Browsing this thing is like visiting Williamsburg.

Maharajah -- Avalon Hill ca 1994. Unpunched and outrageously clean. This game deserves an owner that will take it out and show it a good time now and again.

Richtofen's War -- Avalon Hill, appears played two or three times, good condition for its age.

Panzer General: Allied Assault -- Larger than life wargame where the map is done in tiles and cards. Smash-mouth wargaming as it should be.

Princess Ryan's Star Marines -- Co-op gaming from the 90s. Still in shrink. Damn.

War for Edaðh -- Honestly, this game should have gotten more attention than it did. It's really quite good. If the art on this one is your kind of thing it's worth a shot and it will go for cheap. Don't miss out!

Advanced Squad Leader -- WO Bonus Packs 2010 and 2011. If you don't have these your ASL collection is incomplete. It's broken. That would be shameful. Now I want you to understand -- it's not that your mother and I are angry at you, it's that we're disappointed. We expected more. We expected you to have these expansions.

Comic Books that need to go, I may trade these if someone offers up a Hershey bar with almonds (shut up Putnam) --

Watchmen -- the softback compilation ("trade-paper"). Entire run wrapped in one bright yellow cover.

Iron Man -- Armor Wars all four standard comic book issues including a seriously hot red-head leading lady.

Astonishing X-Men -- Joss Whedon and John Cassaday, this is a series not to be missed for Kitty Pryde fans. All 24 issues in four trade-paper compilations, excellent condition. Also included is Astonishing X-Men issue 5, Ghost Box by Ellis. I'll throw in X Men -- Nation X, all four standard comic book issues. A collection of short stories by different artists and writers, some unpublished. I'll label Nation X "interesting."
Last edit: 04 Feb 2013 23:53 by Sagrilarus.

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31 Jan 2013 03:05 #142854 by Sagrilarus

QPCloudy wrote: Multiple copies of Starcraft and Tide of Iron in this mt. Nice.

There's a frikkin' copy of Siege of Jerusalem in this trade! I need to reconsider my exceptionally low opinion of the clientele here.


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31 Jan 2013 03:52 - 07 Feb 2013 21:19 #142856 by LazarusTNT
No eBay APP ID défined in Kunena configurationPedro Ruth, 41051, Will pay first 10$ anywhere in the known universe
Games good, DVD's good, life is good.


Lot 1: Creepy Horror Stuffs
Jacob's Ladder
The Fog
The Ring 2
Masters of Horror Joe Dante & Larry Cohen
Wishmaster 1+2
Horror Collector's Set
( )

Lot 2: Crime! Guns! Titties!
Suicide Kings
Constant Gardener
History of Violence
The Recruit
Dark Blue
Walking Tall

Lot 3: Fantasy, Comedy, Action and Drama
Thank You For Smoking
October Sky
Danger Mouse DVD Box Set
(If you don't know who Danger Mouse, and his faithful companion Penfold are, shame on you)


~new~ Heroscape NIB pack - Zombies of Morindan. Contains 2 squads of Zombies.
~new~ Full booster/starter set Star Trek Tactics (all ships less promo) plus ACTA: SF book
Spy Trackdown
Tide Of Iron + Days of the Fox (one box) - Will pay first 20$ shipping on this beast
Duel In The Dark + all expansions (the full monte edition)
Curse of Undeath
Star Trek III Starship Combat RPG (Star Trek Tactical Starship Combat Simulator)
(^^^^^^^ This gams is the Starfleet Command killer. It is awesome. A close second to SF:ACTA)
Panic Station + Mini-Expansion
Pandemic and On The Brink


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 LOT
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 and 2 LOT
Fable 2 and 3 LOT

~new~Prophet TPB + Both Serenity GNs
Last edit: 07 Feb 2013 21:19 by LazarusTNT. Reason: Sag begged me.

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02 Feb 2013 22:12 - 06 Feb 2013 22:45 #143001 by SGT Dave
Slim Pickins; I have a very weak selection this time around. $10 toward shipping (78640).

4 Monkeys (2010)- opened, never played

Architekton (2005) - new

BattleCON: War of Indines (2010) - never played it, comes with a bunch of promos

BattleTech (Second Edition) (1987) - very old and shows it's age on the outside as the box is reall beat up, but like new inside and still partially unpunched; comes with Mechwarrior RPG

Beowulf: The Movie Board Game (2007)- like new variant of Kingdoms

Bosworth (1998)

Dead Man's Treasure (2005) - opened, never played

Dreadfleet (2011)- opened, never played, still in sprues

Fire Bulls (2009)- opened, never played

God of Luck (2010) - opened, never played; no english instructions, but maybe you have a kind, chinese friend, willing to translate

Hungry Wolves (2009)- kiddie Haba euro game

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot (2002)- maybe Munchkin doesn't cause you enough pain, so you want this instead

Leaping Lemmings (2010)

Magestorm (2010) - opened, never played

Mega-Mania (1987)- expansion only, box split but insides unpunched

Card Game Bundle - includes: MiniMonFa (MiniMonsterFantasy) (2005) with Fairy Expansion(2005)and Undead Expansion (2005)all in one box, Lightning: War on Terror(2005), Legends of Wrestling (2002)- Chikara edition

I'd rather play Monopoly bundle - comes with Monopoly: Star Wars Episode 1 (1999), Risk: The Lord of the Rings (2002)

Monster Maker 5: Sofia's Holy Knights (1989)- has english instructions

Horus Heresy (2010) - FFG, new in shrink

Princess Ryan's Star Marines (1997)

Quest (English edition) - Ravensburger, dice and ring are not original, box is a little worn

RRR (2010)- has english instructions

Strange Synergy (2003)

Games I hate bundle - Submarine (2004) Stack Market (2004), Tears of the Dragon (2003)

Race game bundle - includes Vapor's Gambit (2004)and Street Illegal (2002)

Witches and Wizards (2000)

Action Figure Bundle - four 12" Justice League action figures: Aquaman, Atom, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman; new in box but the boxes are dinged; picks available upon request

Spyscraft RPG Bundle - core rules (hardback), Modern Arms Guide, Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide

...and, because I'm the King of Theme:

DVD of Ice Pirates, gently used (no space herpes here). UPDATE: I have no cases for my DVDs (the SGT Major threw them out). But I'll send them in a gem case.

New additions (2/5/13):

Adult Swim Super Fun-time Cartoon Bundle -- Aqua Teen Hunger Force vols. 1-3; Sealab 2021 vol. 1; and Venture Bros vol. 1. 10 DVDs total. Again, no original cases.

Death Note comics 1-13 -- This is the original, complete, Japanese manga series. Yes, they are in Japanese, but if you're a DN fan, or just enjoy good art, here you go.
Last edit: 06 Feb 2013 22:45 by SGT Dave.

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  • jeb
  • jeb's Avatar Topic Author
  • Away
  • D12
  • D12
03 Feb 2013 19:35 - 08 Feb 2013 20:34 #143054 by jeb
Posted the first rev of the official game list .

Couple of notes:
  • Some items have ?? in their entries because I could not determine edition or some other aspect of the entry.
  • I don't have Thirstyman's entries because he doesn't know what he wants.
  • Da Bid Dabid, I left yours as is, but if someone angles for a bundle let me know I will walk you through that process if needed.

Jeb's stuff! I ship from 91301 and will cover the first $15 globally.

Insert is tossed, this ships in the coffin box. Could get pricy.

Silverlinapalooza! A lot of Sliverline games from FFG
This is a ton of awesome gaming, people. Games are complete, maybe a little shelfwear

I am just never going to play this, despite my yearning. Assume it's the version with mysterious rules interp required.

Will update with details, but it's probably $50 - $100 worth of singles that would be legacy legal. Things like foily Ninja of the Deep Hours and signed Horns of Greed. No duals or anything.
~~~OK, checked a little, and it's more like ~$200 of singles or more. I will be trading it aggressively though, I have no patience for MtG singles. Not a complete list, but indicative if quality:
1@ Burning Wish
3@ Gifts Ungiven
3@ Duplicant
4@ Horn of Greed (signed)
2@ Boseiju
1@ Isochron Scepter
1@ Dust Bowl
1@ Kira, Great Glass-Spinner
...Regrowth, Brushland, Adarkar Wastes, Sulferous Springs, Mind Twist, Pox, Final Fortune, Stasis, Winter Orb, &c.

It's over 120 cards, and I'll throw in 6@ sealed Time Spiral boosters. Enjoy.
Last edit: 08 Feb 2013 20:34 by jeb.

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03 Feb 2013 20:10 #143055 by Michael Barnes
A bunch of my stuff isn't in the list.

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03 Feb 2013 21:35 #143059 by QPCloudy
Well, my want list is good. Should we pm them to Jeb yet? Hmm?

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04 Feb 2013 05:12 - 08 Feb 2013 17:41 #143073 by Space Ghost
I'll cover first $10 of shipping

Minion Hunter .... Best coop ever.
Avalon Hill's Starship Troopers (the wargames)
$50 gift card to online game store
Last edit: 08 Feb 2013 17:41 by Space Ghost.

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04 Feb 2013 13:04 #143082 by wadenels
Updated my Speed Circuit edition/version (Avalon Hill, plastic cars).

List is missing my Quarriors bundle.

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04 Feb 2013 13:49 #143085 by LazarusTNT
Jeb - missinng from my list:

DUEL IN THE DARK plus all exp

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  • jeb
  • jeb's Avatar Topic Author
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  • D12
  • D12
04 Feb 2013 16:49 #143101 by jeb
Added the DUEL IN THE DARK entry, and QUARRIORS (they are at the end). Updated version. Thanks!

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