Memoir '44 Winter Wars Review

24 Jan 2011 01:00 #269376 by Matt Thrower

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Ever since seeing paratroopers fighting in the snow during the Band of Brothers episodes Bastogne and Breaking Point I’ve been fascinated by the Ardennes Offensive. So obviously when Days of Wonder announced they were releasing a new expansion for one of my favourite military games, Memoir '44,  based on the campaign I jumped right in there and asked for a review copy before finding out much about it. When my review copy turned up therefore I was slightly surprised to discover that the spanking new Winter Wars expansion isn’t so much designed to bring the Ardennes to the M44 system but rather a supplement that uses the historical offensive as an umbrella setting to introduce a somewhat disparate bunch of new material into the game. There’s potentially something of interest to any Memoir '44 fan here so I figured that rather than do my usual style of “whole box” review, I’d break this down into the various new components in the box and examine them one by one.


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