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F:ATties Five Favorites - Ameritrash

22 May 2018 16:52 #273904 by Erik Twice

DukeofChutney wrote: RE Ares Project; I am one of the few people that really digs it. I like double blind systems (which this is) I like the video gamey strategy feel to it, and i like the in built tempo to the game. You build up armies behind screens and then throw dice at each other. After a few games you start to learn the speed at which the different factions build up, and the different routes you can take with each deck. I also quite like the base building aspect. In some respects it feels similar to Sirlins newer rts inspired magic clone. It is also sort of unique, no other card game plays like it. It is definitely worth a spin but i think it will always be a niche game. Its a 2 player, or 2 team game, the 3 and 4 way bashes can be fun but don't really work.

I've always wanted to play his game but the number requirement prevents me from doing it. I think it would have been fantastic with my old group, actually.

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25 Nov 2018 20:16 #286798 by Scott Rogers
I had some lovely and well-written responses about each of my favorite games... then my computer crashed. Instead, you just get a list of my top five favorite Ameritrash games...

1. Betrayal at House on the Hill v.1/v.2/Legacy

2. Wings of War/Glory/X-Wing v.1

3. DungeonQuest

4. Star Wars Imperial Assault

5. ah crap, are you going to make me choose? I mean Kingdom Death: Monster or Thunder Road? Camp Grizzly or Red November? Star Wars: The Queen's Gambit or Survive: Escape from Atlantis? Screw you, I'm picking them all.
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25 Nov 2018 20:29 #286801 by repoman
You start preaching the word about Wings of War and you're going to end up being Sag's new best friend.
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13 Apr 2019 00:06 #295426 by Rim Greaper
Star Trek Ascendancy
Viktory II
Axis & Allies
Fortress America

Honorable mentions

Conquest if the Empire
Buck Rogers Battle for the 25th Century
War and Peace
Old Milton Bradley's Broadside, Dogfight, and Screaming Eagles

My own mixes

Hero Fix - various house-ruled versions of HeroClix including my son's with Lego minifigs
Blood Feud New York with Sons of Anarchy

and not yet published

Shores of Tripoli - a light wargame we're playtesting with Viktory II pieces, others are using Broadside pieces
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