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Board Games 3247
The Ultimate Lord of the Rings game
(Updated: July 28, 2008)
Awesome game. Excellent bits and board, very immersive. My favorite 2-player game and favorite AT game. A must have for Lord of the Rings fans. If you want an epic Lord of the Rings gaming experience, this game cannot be beat.

The theme is very well implemented in this game. Both players must allocate their actions between the fellowship of the ring (either finding them or getting them to Mordor) and the War between the Free Peoples and the Shadow. Each nation has their own miniatures and the cards do a very good job of reenacting situations (or possible situations) from the books. The action dice are a cool part of the game that can force you to alter your strategy a bit, but still gives you a ton of choices.

I love the full game, but also enjoy a variant on the intro game I made that cuts out the cards (thus, cutting play time in half) and is more balanced than the original (broken) quick-play rules.
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