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02 Mar 2019 21:35 #293328 by MacDirk Diggler
Gotta disagree about Odd Warrior vs Quest priest matchup. I play both. There are mostly 3 viable versions of Quest priest... Benedictus fatigue wincon, Mechathun otk, APM test subject otk. Two versions of Odd Warrior, heavy control, Quest.
I think the Quest Priest has huge edge in all those. Warrior has to take the fight to the more resilient priest and get lethal somehow. The button has inevitability in Quest Warrior but I can usually fatigue them w Benedictus. APM priest can do upwards of 200 damage one turn. Mechathun they need to have Hemet buried last five cards for warrior to win.
What is the win condition of your Quest Warrior Jeb??
Talanji? I tried that and didn’t like it because it pulls Amara when played...ie Amara and Talanji are antisynergy. Then if that board gets Screamed, Vanished, Brawled etc. You got nothing
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02 Mar 2019 22:56 - 02 Mar 2019 23:03 #293329 by jeb
Replied by jeb on topic Hearthstone Players!
My Quest Priest is modeled on Zetalot's, so the win condition is a 2TK of Alex into HP, MB, HP, MB, HP.* I don't even count those other decks as Quest Priest as much as I see them as Mecha'Thun Priest and APM Priest. Benedictus comes and goes in my build, but it's been absent for a while as Hunter has been so popular. (It comes back when Warlock and Warrior reign). But the deck, as I play it, just can't get through 50 Armor. Just can't. I can Amara twice or even three times, but fatigue will still kill me before an Odd Warrior that keeps tapping the button (my deck runs tons of draw effects, so it gets there much faster). In my experience, Warriors will throw away armor on Reckless or switch to Quest or Doom HP, and then I have a chance.

--edit--explain the win condition--
*Depending on the game, I will have prepped either:
HP, MB, HP, MB, HP = 16
MB, HP, MB, HP, MB = 19
Velen, MB, Coin, MB = 20

So, after Alexstrazsa, and assuming they kill it or make her unable to attack or whatever, I can still go for one of the above routes unless they gained lots of life/armor as well as dealing with Alex.

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05 Mar 2019 14:55 - 05 Mar 2019 17:42 #293427 by jeb
Replied by jeb on topic Hearthstone Players!
After the season switch, I went from 15.2 to 11.3 on a streak with Aggro Odd Mage. Then I took some tough losses and tumbled back to 12ish and started going .500 again. I would win in romps and lose heartbreakers. Started to mix things up with Expensive Shaman (minus Kragwa), various flavors of Quest Priest, and even Wall Priest (not my thing), and Control Paladin (oof). Most games would come down to are-they-some-combo-bullshit or not. I lost some fair-and-square matches to Midrange Hunters and Odd Rogues, but I was just getting pooped on by Mecha'Thun Warlock and Combo Druids of all stripes.

Winning and losing was largely decided in the deck selection screen. It was like we could have joined the game, compared decklists, and called it a day. I played Wild for a bit to cleanse my soul.

Came back to Standard and took Control Priest into queue. It has Skulking Geist for all the Inner Fire/Naturalize-driven combos; as well as providing a boost against Odd Warrior who run Shield Slam's and save Omega Assembly's for late-game. Even gives me a tiny bit against DR Hunter, as I find it's the Play Dead effects that make their midgame threatening. So I am stealing the Walls with Cabal Shadow Priest, blowing up boards with Duskbreaker and Primordial Drake, killing Lich Kings with Anduin and smoking people out with Mind Blast and Holy Fire.

2x Power Word: Shield
2x Northshire Cleric
1x Wild Pyromancer
2x Shadow Visions
2x Mind Blast
2x Firetree Witchdoctor
1x Divine Hymn
1x Acolyte of Pain
2x Twilight Acolyte
2x Twilight Drake
1x Scaleworm
2x Duskbreaker
1x Holy Fire
2x Cabal Shadow Priest
1x Skulking Geist
2x Psychic Scream
1x Crowd Roaster
Lx Shadowreaper Anduin
1x Primordial Drake
Lx Alexstrasza

Had a close game against an Odd Pally I was so happy to win. They punched me down to 1 life, had a full board, 26 life, and a Vinecleaver in hand. They emoted "Well Played." I had some minions to clear off a couple of threats, and Alex'd myself back to 15. They pressure again, and I blow up their board with Duskbreaker and save a chunk of mine (and stabilize my life) with Divine Hymn from Shadow Visions. Kill them the next turn with dragon hits and Mind Blast/Holy Fire. Well played, indeed.

Played an Odd Warrior that lost four cards to Geist, putting me ahead on fatigue, and I was able to stay there and prospects dwindled for them. Again, they pissed away a lot of armor (11?) on Reckless Flurry to kill a 4/9 Twilight Drake and something else. Broke them when I stole Ysera with Twilight Acolyte + Cabal Shadow Priest. They Brawl'd Ysera away, but not before she gave me a Nightmare and I sent 19 over the next turn.

Last one on the streak to 10.1 was Big Spell Mage that never really launched. They got Frost Lich Jaina, but I was Shadowreaper by then and was able to keep them off Elementals with Psychic Scream's and my Hero Power until I could Alex and burn them out.

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07 Mar 2019 11:54 #293496 by jeb
Replied by jeb on topic Hearthstone Players!
Brawliseum this week, you get one free entry for Arena level prizes. It's a Mini Brawl, so every minion is 1/1 and costs 1. This means it's a Rogue shitshow of drawing cards, Malygos burn, Alexstrasza, Bonemare, Shadowstep nonsense. If they banned Rogue it would be a lot more interesting.

I killed someone on turn 3 and was feeling pretty cool, but my son was killed on turn 2, and the opponent didn't even have the Coin!
Them: Rogue Spirit (doubles Battlecry and Combos)
Son: Violet Wurm
Them: Alex Son to 15, Bonemare Spirit to 8 Attack, Shadowstep Bonemare, Bonemare Spirit to 16 Attack.
...Well played.

So, it's that's your kind of thing, have at!

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13 Mar 2019 01:11 #293730 by jeb
Replied by jeb on topic Hearthstone Players!
Having fun in Standard! I know! It's crazy! I saw Dane playing this deck and threw something close together and I have been strolling from Rank 10 to Rank 8 so far.

Deathrattle Rogue
2@ Backstab
2@ Preparation (Almost universally spent to play Vial at 2)
1@ Cavern Shinyfinder
2@ Eviscerate
2@ Sap
1@ Fan of Knives
2@ Necrium Blade
2@ Blightnozzle Crawler (2/4 Mech for 4 with DR: make a 1/1 Ooze with Poison and Rush)
1@ Elven Minstrel
1@ Kobold Illusionist (play two, I swapped in Minstrel)
L@ Spiritsinger Umbra
2@ Carnivorous Cube
2@ Necrium Vial
L@ Zilliax
2@ Mechanical Whelp
2@ Silver Vanguard
1@ Charged Devilsaur
2@ Deranged Doctor (8 Mana 8/8 with DR: Gain 8 Life)
L@ The Lich King

He's also playing Sonya Shadowdancer, which I don't have, but is amazing. You can pull off some amazing comebacks with Doctors and all kinds of tricks with nested effects from Umbra and Vanguards and Cubes in the late game. You can make some Brawl-proof boards too, they are hilarious.

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14 Mar 2019 13:20 #293817 by Jackwraith
Replied by Jackwraith on topic Hearthstone Players!

New mechanics:

Twinspell: When you cast it, it adds another copy to your hand. Doesn't need to be cast that turn.
Schemes: Spells that start weak but grow in power as they sit in your hand (Fuck tempo!)
Lackeys: 1/1s with battlecries.
They'll be bringing back cards from previous expansions that involve the 5 villains (Clearly, this is either the first step toward basic/classic rotation or an attempt to bring back some cards that were overshadowed by other dominant stuff (Genn/Baku) and see how they work.)

The one Shaman card revealed is a scheme that, of course, completely contravenes Shaman's theme of board control, since it affects all minions. And the hits just keep on comin'...
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18 Mar 2019 13:25 - 18 Mar 2019 13:29 #293985 by Jackwraith
Replied by Jackwraith on topic Hearthstone Players!
Hm. Shaman Kazakus:

Yeah, OK. I tried fifteen different fucking ways to get the tweet to show up here and none of them worked, including any link, so here's the link to the Hearthpwn page that has the tweet linked... www.hearthpwn.com/news/6460-new-card-rev...d-swampqueen-hagatha

7 for a 5/5 that does nothing is AWFUL... But a 5 cost 5/5 that casts two spells is interesting. According to one of the commenters, the first spell is always targeted and the second is not, so you'll always be able to initiate some interesting changes on the following turn. It's totally a control card and stupidly slow, but they're also both Battlecries, which means that they're both subject to Shudderwock and Hagatha can be discovered with Blazing Invocation. And, for once, the overall effect isn't subject to any RNG (i.e. you get to discover the two spells and pick the target of the first.) How much you want to bet that the initial design was totally random in all those respects until Shaman completely tanked again this year?

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18 Mar 2019 22:26 #294009 by jeb
Replied by jeb on topic Hearthstone Players!
I like it. I wish it was cheaper (Shaman tends to be heavy these days), but it's got lots of synergy and upsides. Better than Zentimo or Kragwa, that's for sure.

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