Nigel Explains F:AT Ratings

Nigel Explains F:AT Ratings Hot

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nigel.jpgThe ratings all go to six. Look, right across the board, six, six, six and...




Marty.jpgOh, I see. And most ratings go up to five?








Marty.jpgWhat does that mean?




nigel.jpgWell, it's one better, isn't it? It's not five. What we do is, if something is just that much better, that much more perfectly Ameritrash, if we need that extra push up the cliff, you know what we do?




Marty.jpgPut it up to six.





Six. Exactly. One better.




Marty.jpgWhat do the other numbers mean?




nigel.jpgWell, they’re numbers aren’t they. So 4 is more than 3.




Marty.jpgIt’s all relative.




nigel.jpgYes, and those other numbers just came with the system, but the six, that’s custom work.




Marty.jpgDo you think that having a six transposes the curve upwards? Do you think perhaps with the six, you should have a zero as the lowest rating?




nigel.jpgWhat’s the point in that. A zero is nothing. Listen, hear that. [pause] No you didn’t, because that’s zero.That’s nothing. Also you can’t divide into zero.




Marty.jpgActually you can divide into zero. You can’t divide by zero.








Marty.jpgYou can’t divide by zero.




nigel.jpgExactly, because zero is nothing so what’s the point.




Marty.jpgSpeaking of division, does the F:AT ranking algorithm appropriately deal with the data given the nature of the data?




nigel.jpg [pause] These all go to six.

Nigel Explains F:AT Ratings There Will Be Games
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