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Werewolves: The Pact

Werewolves: The Pact

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Asmodee Editions
The tiny hamlet of Miller's Hollow is beset by monstrous enemies hidden in their midst. Organize the townsfolk and uncover the evil in disguise, so that you can kill the beasts before they claim the entire town and bring eternal silence to the town forever. Distrust and suspicion run rampant – can you root out the werewolves and save your town, or will you accidentally murder your neighbors in this desperate hunt?
Introducing competitive team play to the classic party game of hunt or be hunted! Two teams compete - werewolves and villagers. But nobody really knows who's who! Uncover the Werewolves (and Villagers) in your midst in The Pact! This special edition of Werewolves of Miller's Hollow contains the base game, as well as the New MoonThe Village, and Characters expansions.

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