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Manoeuvre Board Game

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GMT Games

Manoeuvre is a fast playing card-driven game of regimental combat in the early 19th century. 

Probably leaning more towards a strategy boardgame with a war theme, Manoeuvre delivers a great 2-player contest. Unlike a standard wargame players pick their forces and the map without being bound by a historical scenario and slug it out. The card play  modifies opposed die rolls, with some cards playing as leader effects, supply, barrages and the "basics" that can be expected from a game set in this era. A great way to kill an hour.

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Great little war game
This is a great little game. Everything you could ask for in a short war game offered at a reasonable price. A great variety of Armies and Landscapes. Nice art on well printed cards and thick cardboard pieces. Again, all at a reasonable price. Perhaps too reasonable. It's hard for me to go back to pushing chits around the board after having so much fun with plastic army soldiers in Memoir 44, or the wonderful tactile feeling of chunky wooden pieces in Command & Colors. Overall, if your looking to build your collection of easy to play war games, pick this up. For me, I feel I have enough of this type of game in my collection to keep me busy for now. . . and a bunch of nifty toy soldiers!
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