Dino Sport

Dino Sport - an amazing dinorace!

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Welcome to Dino Island, where the most spectacular competitions take place — dinosaurs running! The best athletes will meet on the treadmill to compete and win the title of champion.

Unforgettable DINO cross for dinosaurs!

A race game for the whole family, where the player whose dinosaur first got to the finish line wins. Competitors will need not only luck, but also ingenuity to overcome obstacles - rivers, stone screes, bushes and barriers. The game has three levels of rules:

1. Warm up: Dino run on a dice, overcoming obstacles on the map.
2. Dino rushes, dino jumps: springboards are added.
3. Faster, higher, stronger: + barriers and bushes.

Features of the game "DINO Sport":

  • 4 color dinosaur figures from ABS plastic included;
  • there is a simple level of rules for preschool children;
  • feature of the game - the ability to change the track to prevent an opponent or bypassing an obstacle along his path;
  • prefabricated 3D elements of the game make it colorful and intuitive.


Dino Sport - an amazing dinorace!
Dino Sport - an amazing dinorace!

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