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Decrypto: Expansion #01 - Laser Drive

Decrypto: Expansion #01 - Laser Drive

Game Information

3 - 8
Expansion for
Year Published

Reinvent your communications with new laser Tech! 

Each round, at least one of your clues must match a random category ( title). If your 3 clues respect the category, you get a laser token. Spend them to guess one of the opposing team's KEYWORDS and receive an interception token!

This expansion requires a copy of the decrypto base game to play.


Editor reviews

1 reviews

I like the way Laser Drive manages to retroactively add-in the challenge of guessing the other teams words. I also enjoy how it gives a subtle nudge to players who may have frozen up when trying to think of a good, yet vague, clue. I wouldn't call it a “Must Have” expansion but if you enjoy playing Decrypto, it is certainly a clever “Good to Have” add-on. And if you are one of those players who was disappointed when you found out you didn't always get a chance to guess the other teams actual words, this is a exactly what you are looking for.

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