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  • FATcast WBC Special Edition Part 2

    Matt Loter went to WBC and all we got was this #!@*ing podcast.

    Matt and guest host Sagrilarus interview boardgame designers, publishers and participants at the World Boardgaming Championships.

    The second of a two part World Boardgaming Championship special edition of the FATcast with interviews of boardgame publishers, designers and WBC participants. Plus a very special spelling lesson from Will Kenyon.


  • FatThursday a Boardgame Podcast presents Attika and Pax Porfiriana

    In this episode we discuss Attika and Pax Porfiriana. Is Attika the Medusa of German family games? And how do you pronounce Porfiriana


  • FatThursday a Boardgame Podcast presents Quantum

    The first episode of a new FatCast series. One game. Two opinions. Fifteen minutes.

    In this episode we discuss Quantum. It has a space theme, but does that mean it is a space game?


  • FatThursday a Boardgame Podcast presents Thunder Alley

    One game. Three opinions. Fifteen minutes.

    In this episode we discuss Thunder Alley with special guest Dan Raspler (game designer of Space Cadets: Away Missions, and writer for Realm of Larp). Thunder Alley is a NASCAR themed game, but does that mean you have to shop at Walmart to enjoy it?


  • Fight for Your Right to Party - Board Game Barrage

    BGBBOB, party edition! For those not keeping up, that's BGB Best of Board Games, which is definitely not the final name (but also maybe is) for our recurring feature where we duel rank games into an incontestable ordered list. This week we confer, fight, and bargain our way to the best fifteen party games. 

  • Filler Up - Board Game Barrage

    Sometimes you have a little gap of time between larger, heavier games, and what you need is a palate cleanser, which brings us to the realm of games we lovingly call "fillers". 

  • Games from the Cellar Episode 18 -- El Grande

    At Games From The Cellar podcast, we play board games, then we talk about them.

  • Gnomes & Wizards Kickstarter Preview

    Gnomes & Wizards is a funny beast. A skirmish game where tribes of fools and idiots in pointy hats face off against each other with asymmetrical powers, fighting for shares of power crystals and trying to wipe out each other's tribes over ten rounds in order to score as many points as possible.

  • Gone But Not Forgotten - Board Game Barrage

    There's only so much space on our shelves, so games don't always stick around forever, but that doesn't always mean that we don't like them. 

  • Goodwill in Spades

    This episode we are covering what we found at Gen Con the good and the bad, tariffs, and a big rebrand of a well known icon in the board game industry.

  • H-h-h-hot Hot Hot - Board Game Barrage

    Hot days call for hot questions! 

  • Hang Ten, Dudes! - A Talk with Cody Miller on Tavarua

    Cody Miller, owner of Far Off Games and designer of Tavarua, joins the podcast to talk about his absolutely bodacious game about shredding waves. Tavarua has an unexpected theme (surfing) and pushes players to take risks in this risk management game. It has some elements of pushing your luck, but mostly focuses on managing risks to score the best runs on either a long board or short board. The genesis of this game is an interesting story and one that I'm glad Cody had a chance to share.

  • Heavy Duty with Monique from Before You Play - Board Game Barrage

    Monique from Before You Play is with us to get heavy. We're discussing the allure of heavy games, and who better to talk us through them than a Vital Lacerda fan who loves to not just play them, but teach them? We dig into why we enjoy the occasional heavy game, and why you should too! 

  • Imagine the Components Were All 0's and 1's interview with Jason Lee

    Jason Lee, chief creative officer at Pixelmatic and creator of Infinite Fleet, joined me to talk about designing games for the digital space. We talked about some of the games he has worked on, namely Age of Empires 4 and Company of Heroes. And we talked about what it felt like to be in charge at a smaller game studio like Pixelmatic. This was a fascinating conversation.

  • It Came From the Tabletop! Podcast - The Bloody Inn and Starship Samurai

    Josh and Al check into The Bloody Inn and find themselves in over their heads as the bodies pile up.  They get out when they climb into their giant space mechs and unite the clans in Starship Samurai!

  • It Came From the Tabletop! - Betrayal Legacy, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magical Athlete

    After a brief hiatus, Josh and Al are back and making up for lost time.  First up is some talk about Betrayal Legacy but it's more a setup for our adventures in Dungeons & Dragons.  We finish the night off with Magical Athlete and discuss why it's one of the most important games in our collections.  It's "A Very Special Episode" if there ever was one!

  • It Came From the Tabletop! - Cowboy Bebop and Jaws

    This week Josh and Al talk about Cowboy Bebop: Board Game Boogie, what makes it unique and how it compares to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the previous Jasco/Lynnvander Studios game.  Then they set out for Amity Island to play Jaws from Ravensburger and Prospero Hall.  You already know what sized boat you're gonna need.

    See you space cowboy...

  • It Came From the Tabletop! - Dead of Winter and Escape From the Aliens From Outer Space

    Josh and Al are back for more Halloween gaming!  This week we're taking a look at two games we may not have given a fair chance when they first came out.  Up first is Dead of Winter, considered by some to be a modern classic and the ultimate zombie board game.  Then we're taking a look at Escape From the Aliens From Outer Space, certainly one of the most unique games we've ever featured on the show.

  • It Came From the Tabletop! - Dune

    The sleeper has awakened!  It Came From the Tabletop is back after a brief hiatus.  The spice flows freely as Josh and Al talk about the all-time classic DUNE.

  • It Came From the Tabletop! - Ethnos and Can't Stop

    Josh and Al talk Ethnos, Can't Stop, what makes for a great racing game, how cool special powers are and the importance of a good map.