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TOPIC: What VIDEO GAME(s) have you been playing?

What VIDEO GAME(s) have you been playing? 20 Oct 2018 08:31 #283641

I finished the game with all 3 classes in Diablo, played all 7 classes into the 90s on Diablo 3, and played every class to max level and complete sets on Diablo 3. Needless to say, I'm a Diablo fan. I think the essential summation of Diablo (kill monsters for prizes) is true. It basically created the "action RPG" genre. I think the dev team made several serious errors in the creation of Diablo 3 (among them, the auction house that essentially obviated the need to play the game (Why roll the dice on prizes when you can just select what you want from the store?) but I'm interested to see what they have in mind for the future. They've hinted at "several" Diablo projects in the works, but nothing will be mentioned at this year's BlizzCon... just like last year's BlizzCon. It's clear that Diablo is the red-skinned stepchild of the major franchises right now, so I guess we'll see how things shake out.
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What VIDEO GAME(s) have you been playing? 20 Oct 2018 08:32 #283642

Yeah, that one in the jellyfish area is infuriating for that reason. The only other one I had trouble with finding him in a way I found annoying was in the sewers---it is frustrating to find him if you come into the sewers area from a certain direction.
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What VIDEO GAME(s) have you been playing? 20 Oct 2018 10:29 #283645

Yeah, it's a shame that there are no options when it comes to Hollow Knight's difficulty--there are many people I know who would love the game but have no real chance of getting through it or having fun with it. That's one thing I think AAA developers actually do well, which is considering a wide range of skills and abilities when tuning their game for potential players. I realize games are tuned for a particular experience, but I truly don't see the harm in an "exploration mode" that cranks back some numbers on the back end and gives a nod to folks who haven't wasted years of their lives developing hand eye coordination for this dumb hobby.

That said, I think Hollow Knight is one of those games that does difficulty right--it's not hard in a macho, hardcore sense. Rather, it's the kind of hard that makes exploration feel tense, and weighty, and adds a twinge of fear that keeps the player from going on autopilot.

There are a few encounters / sections that make a real misstep and are hard for no reason. These are bad sections. But for the most part I think the game hits the right tone.
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What VIDEO GAME(s) have you been playing? 20 Oct 2018 11:15 #283647

The issue is that, ultimately, you can't make the game "easier" because what makes it not-easy is the actual game.

I haven't played Hollow Knight but, from what I know of it, it's a game of skill, like arcade games or NES classics. And what a a game of skill? Well, for me it's a game where most of the actual game experience is derived, not so much from what happens but from learning and improving and developing certain skills in response to what happens. They are games that really don't have much to offer when it comes to "seeing the end" or seeing the next stage because the next stage is just going to be more skill-tests.

In other words, people who do not want to work on their skills or who do not find it fun can't really have fun with these kind games just like someone who doesn't like socializing won't have fun with a negotiation game. It is anathema to what the game is about. It's a bit like saying, yeah, I want to lift weights as long as I do not get tired and sweat.

And, while I haven't played Hollow Knight, I really think it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that these kind of games are only for "those who haven't wasted years of their lives developing hand-eye coordiantion". Most of the games people talk in these terms are perfectly accessible. Everyone can play and beat Contraor Castlevania, they may just not like doing so. And there's nothing wrong with that, mind, but it's a personal thing, not a game design issue.
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