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Return to Dark Tower First Impressions?!

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Return to Dark Tower First Impressions?!


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A series where we desert the long boring talks and how-to videos in order to bring a new level of excitement and love for games you may have never known existed. This is... Tabletop Island.
Episode 1
There Will Be Games

Return to Dark Tower First Impressions on how it plays and how it compared to the original!

There Will Be Games
Bernardo Rodriguez
Associate Content Creator

Bernardo is Puerto Rican, but was born in Germany (Dad was in the military). He is a professional magician who has created magic effects for magicians all around the world, as well as a multimedia production professional who worked for a few years for some pretty awesome companies (Adidas, GK Elite, etc.) (Adidas, GK Elite, etc.). Although he now works at a bank, he continues to exercise his multimedia skills and creativity to create outrageous reviews and parody commercials for board games on Tabletop Island.

Articles by Bernardo Rodriguez

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