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familyatomicsI believe that one of the most satisfying things we, as Ameritrash Gamers, can possibly experience in this hobby is the thrill of  nuking the living crap out of our friends and peers.   It's a critical feature that's really missing from pretty much every Euro ever made.  I'm confident PUERTO RICO would be a better game if you could build an IPBM (Interplantationary Ballistic Missile) silo hidden in your corn fields and use it to blow the shit out of your slavedriving competition.

The funny thing is that nukes in most games are a really crappy strategic option because their use usually means everybody at the table decides to kill you.  But who cares, I know there's been more than one occasion where I've dropped the bomb for no other reason than to say I did it.  So what's to stop world leaders from engaging in the same sort of behavior?  Human lives?  The biosphere?   Ha!

So this week's Cracked LCD features a couple of my picks for great games that feature nuclear weapons.  Have a look, and come back and let's gab about it.

The Bomb There Will Be Games
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