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greedoIn this week's bid to piss off Fortress: AT readers, I'm reviewing a game that almost no one will be able to play. It's GREED, INCORPORATED and the review is, as usual, at Some suggested topics for you to bitch about:

- Why is Barnes writing about an obscure game when he's supposed to be writing for those snot-nosed kids that do nothing but play HALO?

- Barnes is a hypocrite because he believes that games should be under fifty bucks but he's giving a great review to a game that's well over a hundred dollars.

- F:AT is dying because there is a front page article about a Eurogame

I'm hoping that this outrageously pretentious act will one-up the Ultimate Evil of the Numbered List from last week. The game is fucking awesome. It really sucks that it's stuck in the niche Eurogames ghetto, where almost no one will ever play it. And it sucks even more that many of the people who read my Cracked LCD Countdown from last week won't read this article and learn about a signficant game that deserves a lot more attention.

I also have a review for the XBLA game GREED CORP going up this week at Gameshark as well, but Bill Abner is too busy thinking about the ball game to post it right now. It'll show up on Metacritic and everything. I have arrived.

So it's Greed Week at Cracked LCD, because I'm greedy and like it when my articles get lots of hits.

Michael is a member of the Fortress: Ameritrash staff, and a regular columnist for Gameshark.

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