Review Rodeo #5- Friday Night at Gilley's Edition

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midnight cowboyURBAN COWBOY is one of the great bad movies> I think that the picture really captures what it must be like to be a cartoonish Texan with little concern for the world beyond keeping the trailer clean, holding down a lineman job, and spending friday night downat Gilley's wearing your best jeans and cowboy hat, busting that mechanical bull and having a Coors to wash down the woes of the working man.  I think I've seen it a hundred times. And I still can't believe that Sissy runs off with a man in a fishnet shirt. I guess that's what Bud gets for not letting her ride the bull.

That has nothing to do with board games, of course, but this week's Cracked LCD does. It's a Review Rodeo, and a good one to because all the games in it are good. Not a sucker among 'em, as they say. And they're all reasonably priced!


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