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blitzhundNah, you guys probably wouldn't like Grindhouse Games' INCURSION. I mean, sure, it's got Nazi werwolves and all in it...but it doesn't come spilling over with plastic miniatures and fancy terrain pieces. And it has old-time cardboard stand-ups if you don't buy the miniatures. That means you might have to TURN THE PIECE to see the picture. What a hassle!

But I like INCURSION, and I like it a lot. I think it's a good value and it's a really fun game that totally holds its own againts SPACE HULK, its most direct comparision. It's streamlined, simple, and a lot of fun without any bloatation devices to inflate the game's depth or price.

Review is at Gameshark. Sometime in the next several weeks I'm going to do an interview with Jim Bailey, the head honcho over at Grindhouse Games. I hope they do more, I like the direction they're headed in.


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