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  • Next of Ken, Volume 83: The Fortress: AT Reader's Choice 2013 Nominations Begin!

Next of Ken, Volume 83: The Fortress: AT Reader's Choice 2013 Nominations Begin!

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I think surely enough time has passed for the dust to settle on the best of the best of 2013.  (And don't call me Shirley.)  So let's get down to the nitty gritty and find ourselves some F:AT Readers' Choice 2013 awards.  Join us, won't you?


It's Just Following the Rules, No One's a Fool

Look, let's be honest--I've gradually increased the complexity of this voting over the past few years in an effort to make the results more "robust."  All that's invited is ballot stuffing from outside sources and less flavorful quotes from participants--so yes, more work that resulted in something bad as well as a reduction in something good.

That is not a win by any stretch of the imagination.

So with the philosophy that "No School Like the Old School", we're reverting back to the original rules.  It's simple--post your nominations to this thread.  You're also free to PM me your nominations.  From that point, it's a straight count.  Top 3 results will be featured (along with hopefully some quotes resulting from the wit and wisdom of our fine readership.)

Here, then, are the official rules:

1.  Games nominated should have either been published in 2013, or in the last half of December 2012 (to recognize those games that came out too late to make the end of year lists last year.)

2.  You may only vote for one game in each category.  If you post multiple games in a category, only the first one will be counted.

3. You are not obligated to vote in every category, and your other votes will be counted exactly the same.

4.  Comments, fun facts, additional opinions are welcome.  I will likely quote many of you in the official results article; we're an opinionated bunch, so it makes for good press.

5.  Voting begins immediately, and will run through April 17th.  The F:AT Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2013 column will run Friday, April 18th, 2014.

Best Wargame
Best 2-player Game
Best Storytelling/Thematic Game
Best Card/Deckbuilding Game
Best Adventure Game
Best Expansion
Best Beer n' Pretzels Game


You know what to do.  You're loud, you're vocal, you're crass.  Now it's time to make your vote count.  
While other websites are giving out awards to brown and yellow games with
dour-looking Euro dudes on the cover...let's show them how it's done.



Ken is a weekly columnist for Fortress: Ameritrash and a member of our staff.  When he's not knee deep in playing games for review, he's most likely opening the boxes and getting high off of the plastic vapours.
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There Will Be Games
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