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What Is The Cost Of Developing A Rummy Game?

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What Is The Cost Of Developing A Rummy Game?

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This can only be accomplished by designing a mobile game that is both entertaining and unique. 

As a result, we should discuss the basic things first before diving deep into the development and game development price of the project.

Isn't it true that life should also be fun? You may recall having fun and delight when you were a kid, and you played all day long. Why should we stop now? The larger part of us won't have the option of playing the games that we played as children. Rummy, for example, is a game that adults can play.

Since rummy is known to be the third most well-known game in the world, we recommend it. It is one of the most played games on the Web. Therefore, this implies that you would develop rummy games by a games development company, and you would release the most downloaded game for Smartphones.

This can only be accomplished by designing a mobile game that is both entertaining and unique. 

As a result, we should discuss the basic things first before diving deep into the development and game development price of the project.


The following aspects need to be considered when developing Rummy games:


1. Developing a Strategy:

A successful online game requires good game planning and an imaginative game concept. It is important to have a legal procedure for incorporating, executing, and reporting results.

2. Developing:

A game development company includes coding as part of the game development process. Coding plays a critical role and is of the greatest significance. Different types of people will be involved, such as game specialists, developers, UI/UX experts, and coders.

3. Evaluation:

To ensure that the system is bug-free, it is necessary to examine all functions after the development process. A variety of testing will take place, including functional testing, regression testing, framework performance testing, and so on, to ensure there are no bugs in the final version.

4. The best marketing plan:

No matter how well-designed your application is and whether it comes with all the necessary features, success in the market is determined by your marketing efforts. To improve permeability and position the in-store market, a fixed budget must be established that sets aside a certain amount for marketing applications.

What is The Cost of Developing A Real-Money Rummy Game App?

For a single Android or iOS platform, rummy game app development costs approximately $30,000 to $35,000. The cost of developing a mobile Rummy Game that has all the advanced features runs on multiple platforms and can be developed for up to $60,000.

In addition to the company you choose, the cost of the rummy game app also depends on a variety of factors.

  • rummy game app development cost for a small company: $15 - $50 an hour
  • Costs of Rummy Game Development: $50 - $150 per hour for an average company
  • The cost of developing a Rummy game for an enterprise-level company is $150 - $300 / hour

If such a game is what you're looking for, then please contact us. Moreover, our technical game developers have created a real money rummy game. Check out our portfolio for more information.

Do Rummy Games Take A Lot of Time to Develop?

It would take approximately 15 weeks to develop a real money rummy game.

According to requirements, features, and platform compatibility, the time will also increase by up to 25 weeks for the development of the real money rummy game.

Factors That Affect The Cost of Developing Rummy Games Like Junglee Rummy and Rummy Circle

1. Number of platforms

For you to develop applications for Android, iOS, or cross-platform, you have to know your audience and understand their mindset. Because iOS costs more than Android, but there are so many Android devices, it has a significant impact on overall rummy app development cost. Cross-platform game development might be the best choice if your target customers come from different platforms.

2. Features

To make your application unique from your competitors, it is important to research and identify the features that need to be included in it. As a stand-alone application, you may have many features, but they will incur an additional game development price. The total cost of application development will increase if this strategy involves using the most advanced design and ground-breaking graphics and visuals.

3. Size of the development team

The features and functionalities of the app determine how fast the app will be developed. A team's size also depends on this factor, with members such as developers, testers, and marketing experts selected based on the scope of the project.

Is RG Infotech The Best Real-Money Rummy game development company?

Among the top companies developing Rummy games is RG Infotech. Our team members have developed Rummy Games with a variety of features and functionality using their skills in Rummy game development.

We strive to provide our clients with the best solutions. The vision we have when working on a project is to create something that exceeds our expectations. Additionally, with our rapid and flawless game development, you'll get your game in the shortest timeframe and at a cost that's pocket-friendly.

Hire RG Infotech to develop your rummy game with the best game development team consisting of a pool of industry experts for the best real-money rummy game.


Make sure that you select an expert and skilled rummy game development company for your rummy games such as JungleeRummy and RummyCircle to get an accurate estimate. However, according to our research, RG Infotech is one of the leading companies in game development.

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