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Wizards of the Coast

A classic board game of dungeon exploration returns!

Dungeon! is a fast-paced game where you and your friends can decide which way to go in the hunt for bigger and better treasure.

Will you stick to level 1 and clear out the Goblins and Kobolds? Or will you delve deep into level 6 and set your sights on the Purple Worm or the Red Dragon? Along the way, you’ll have to face off against such iconic monsters as the Black Pudding, the Drow, and even the Owlbear!

Featuring simple, straightforward rules that are easy to learn, Dungeon! is perfect for a fantasy game night, or a warm-up before your next epic game of D&D!

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As my introduction to the hobby, this game has an outsized role in my gaming history. It's a fun little game, introducing in the lightest possible way some of the stuff that will define later, heavier fare. Hidden information, high stakes die rolling, asymmetric player powers, some light strategy.

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