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Battle Cry

Battle Cry

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Avalon Hill

From 1861 to 1865, the United States was at war with itself. The battles of the American Civil War have taken a place in the fabric of American history. And here is your chance to recreate 15 of those Civil War Battles.

Battle Cry elegantly and simply recreates the Civil War experience. The gameboard can be setup with woods, hills, houses, and other features to recreate the specific terrain of the battle. The game system involves using cards to issue orders to specific units on the board. Combat dice decide the outcome of an attack, modified for terrain, distance, and other factors. Whenever a unit is completely destroyed, the victor gets the flag from that unit. Collect six flags first and win the battle.There are also rules for campaign play.

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Given that I came to this *after* playing its big brothers C&C:A and M44, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. The various units behave differently to their WWII and ancients counterparts, they feel right and require different tactics to handle properly. The deck has some unusual cards too, and to top it all off the scenarios seem very well designed.
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