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Clank! A Deck Building Adventure

Clank! A Deck Building Adventure

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Renegade Game Studios

Burgle your way to adventure in Clank!, the new deck-building board game.

Sneak into an angry dragon's mountain lair to steal precious artifacts. Delve deeper to find more valuable loot. Acquire cards for your deck and watch your thievish abilities grow.

Be quick and be quiet. One false-step and --CLANK! Each careless sound draws the attention of the dragon, and each artifact stolen increases its rage. You can only enjoy your plunder if you make it out of the depths alive!

Editor reviews

1 reviews

Clank is a great entry in the genre of both deck-builders and dungeon-crawlers. The two genres mesh well, without becoming messy or bogged down. It's a great example of a game that sounds tired, but is actually filled with sharp design work.
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quozl's Avatar
quozl replied the topic: #304164 12 Nov 2019 17:57
Is this a new edition or something?
ubarose's Avatar
ubarose replied the topic: #304169 12 Nov 2019 20:04
No. It's just an orphan thread head from removing some spam.
southernman's Avatar
southernman replied the topic: #304207 14 Nov 2019 17:10
Have played Clank In Space a couple of times, a bit of a multi-player solitaire race game using deckbuilding but still reasonably fun.
jason10mm's Avatar
jason10mm replied the topic: #304280 17 Nov 2019 09:18
I like it. I think the push your luck mechanisms can add enough stress to a MP solitaire system that there doesn't need to be a lot of direct player interaction to keep everyone on their toes. Are there team rules? A 2v2 game might be interesting with more direct conflict, I don't recall if that is already a thing in an expansion or something.