FATcast WBC Special Edition Part 2

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FATcast WBC Special Edition Part 2

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WBC Special Edition Part 2
Matt and guest host Sagrilarus interview boardgame designers, publishers and participants at the World Boardgaming Championships.
Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games; Mark H. Walker of Lock n Load Games; Carter, who at age 6 is now the 4th best 7 Wonders player in the world and his sister Sophia; StormSeeker, well known for his avatar and his face for radio, reports on the WBC vibe and the the next generation of gamers.

Matt Loter went to WBC and all we got was this #!@*ing podcast.
The second of a two part World Boardgaming Championship special edition of the FATcast with interviews of boardgame publishers, designers and WBC participants. Plus a very special spelling lesson from Will Kenyon.

There Will Be Games
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