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Clash of Cultures

Clash of Cultures

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Z-Man Games

Transform a meager settlement into a mighty empire whose culture will be your greatest achievement!

To accomplish this, you will have to invent new technologies, build grand cities, and spread the influence of your culture accross your enemies’ borders. You will need to explore the lands and seas with your settlers and ships, and conquer foreign cities and barbarian settlements.

With 12 Advance categories, including various government types, a modular game board, superb city-pieces, and more, Clash of Cultures offers a myriad of experiences to accomplish your ultimate goal: be the one ruling culture, the one that will be remembered and admired for thousands of years.

Will you be the leader of this great culture?

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A very literal take on the pc civ genre that manages to capture most of its elements in a single evening design. There are so many creative elements to this game.

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(Updated: April 29, 2019)
It's really hard to assess this one, as although it played fine with only two players, it probably is at its best with three or four. I think it's a pretty strong civ game, and I especially appreciate its idea of focusing on culture, and letting one player have a cultural influence over another's city (especially since that helped me win). The tech tree is a little odd, and it seems like there are some paths that are just plain better than others, but more plays will reveal if that's true. For me, if a civ game doesn't have a short length on its side, it simply has to beat Through the Ages, which is my current fave. This one gives it a run, but I think I still prefer TtA for this sort of thing.

After more plays, downgraded to a 6. I really dislike the objective cards, as they seem unnecessarily gamey. And I dislike that if another player decides you're playing Risk instead of a civilization game, then you're playing Risk.
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