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D100 Dungeon - The Adventurers Companion


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1 - 4
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Self Published

The first expansion for D100 Dungeon.

D100 Dungeon - The Adventurers Companion, is an essential guide for any adventurer wishing to spice up their games. It offers new rules and additions that can be implemented into any of your games, and provides a new way to play quests, with the introduction of a campaign quest line. It is an essential companion to continue exploring your adventures.

The Adventurers Companion adds the following:

  • An adventurer fast track system, that will create adventurers that are quest ready and have already completed their first 5 training quests.
  • Rules to play with additional players, making the solo game, a multiplay game.
  • A Special encounter rule that is quick and simple and will eliminate encountering the same monster a lot of the time, due to the Encounter Modifier.
  • A new Encounter Table, with new monsters and abilities, that you can choose to use instead of the one in the main rulebook.
  • New Hero Paths and new Races.
  • A crafting system called Witchery that will allow your adventurer to combine parts looted from monsters and make them into special potions and anointments.
  • A Brief description of skills to help determining the best areas to place experience pips towards. Rules to create your own quests.
  • A new rule called Death Kill, that will convert those really high damage scores, that wipes out a monster into a bonus that is applied to the loot table and a narrative of how your attack affected the monster.
  • A 20 quest campaign with an interlocking story and narrative.
  • 25 additional quests to play.

You will need the D100 Dungeon rule book to use this book.

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An excellent addition to an already great game system. Many new rules, all clearly presented, concise, and useful. From fast track character creation to party play. New encounters, races, hero paths. A fun “crafting” system, a section on making your own quests, and more. On top of all of that, something Martin could have sold as a stand alone if he wanted, the Campaign. Well written, engaging, deep with fantasy, a great story. Over and above the new rules, worth getting for the Campaign!
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