Trail of the Apprentice, a Pathfinder & 5E saga for all ages

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Trail of the Apprentice, a Pathfinder & 5E saga for all ages

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March 26, 2016
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April 22, 2016
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Paris Crenshaw and Legendary Games is expanding on the beginner pathfinder rules by creating a 5 part campaign. Trail of the Apprentice is an action-packed saga for Pathfinder RPG and 5E for all ages. It is an amazing introduction to new or younger players & gamemasters. The Legendary Beginnings line are products designed to be tons of fun for experienced gamers but with structure and content suitable for beginners, young and old. These adventure modules use simplified stat blocks and other rules adjustments to keep gameplay fun and fast for new players, with helpful sidebars that provide advice on how to run RPGs for younger gamers so your whole family can Make Your Game Legendary!

In Trail of the Apprentice, a hidden danger threatens the kingdom of Threll and brave adventurers must answer the call! A bold attack and a mysterious theft set a group of heroes on a mission to find the mastermind behind them. They must follow clues, face terrible threats, and uncover ancient secrets to stop a madman before he can unleash a terrible evil upon the world. The 5 adventures take the characters from 1st to 5th level, and each book is approximately 32 pages. This project is currently on kickstarter. The funding goal has been reached as well as some stretch goals. You can read more about the adventures here: The kickstarter ends 4-22-16!