Megagames have come to the USA and Australia

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There Will Be Games

I'm a megagame fanboy and no apologies for bringing them to your attention again. One thing you might want to watch is this video put up by the guys at Shut Up & Sit Down, who joined in Watch the Skies! a megagame about encountering aliens.



Obviously they thought it was a blast, and they followed up the video with a podcast. 



Not entirely surprising, this has led to a wave of people joining in megagames, selling out follwoing games in London, Leeds and the Netherlands, but even better: the virus has now spread to Australia and the USA. There was a first outing of Watch the Skies in New York in July and one in Sidney in August. 

Now there will be a follow up in New York somewhere soon so if you want to share in the fun and finally experience what I've been ranting about all this time, follow The Megagame Society on twitter and/or facebook. Tickets will be up soon. 

Likewise the will be a game in Brisbane, Australia (already sold out), but keep track of these guys and the guys in Sidney.

For the UK megagames, check Megagame Makers. And yes, the biggest ever megagame, with 300 players, is fully booked. There's also plans for a megagame in Germany in May next year. I'll let you know how that comes along.


There Will Be Games
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