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Too much fun on a weeknight

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There Will Be Games

 I have a headache. I stayed up too late last night playing games. Now I'm trying to work, but just can't concentrate. All the tiny numbers keep blurring together.

About a week ago, this gal at work, the one that I went to the organic farm with where I got poison ivy, she says to me that she saw a Battlestar Galactica game at Barnes and Nobel, and was thinking about getting it for her husband for Valentines Day, because he's totally into Battlestar Galactica. So I told her, in an off hand way, that I had it. I figured that would be the end of that topic of discussion, but then she asked if it was harder to play than Scrabble. I said no, on account of Scrabble requires that you know spelling and addition. BSG, you only need to know lying and addition. She chewed on this answer along with her sandwich for a while, so I finally said, "If you want, you could come over and try it out for yourself."

I always tell people they can come on over to my place, because it's the polite thing to say. They usually answer, "Yeah. We should do that sometime."  Because it is the polite thing to answer. But then we don't follow up on it, because that would require actually making a plan and doing something.

However, this time the answer was, "When?" A sincere and eager "When." So I said, "Next week?" And she said, "Thursday, after 6:30?" So I said, "Okay."

So that's how I ended up with Organic Farm Gal and Husband at my house playing BSG.  It was pretty much a disaster. Organic Farm Gal got stuck in the Brig for much of the game. We got hammered by Cylon ships, lost a bunch of civilian ships, and the game was over before we could even make a second jump.

So I say, "Well, let's just call that a learning game. We'll have to play again sometime now that we know how to," fully expecting the usual non-commital, "Yeah, we'll have to do that sometime," followed by the polite but hasty exit. Instead I get, "When?" So I say, "How's about next week." 

By now it's after 10pm so the Man says "Well, should we move to the living room and have a drink?" The couple just exchange a glance, so the Man, who's got some serious social skillz, says, "Or we could  play a short game." The couple nod in agreement to the short game.

"What do you like?"

Organic Farm Gal says she really mostly only knows Scrabble, so I open the game cupboard and let them pick. The Husband chooses Daytona 500. After we play, the Husband asks Organic Farm Gal if she thinks he should get Daytona 500 for his dad.

Anyway, I got to bed pretty late, and now I have a headache.  I might also have a date to play BSG again next week with some people that I really like.

What I have concluded from all this is:

When people find out you have cool games, they will angle for an invite to your house to play, and they will bring you offerings of beer and Kahlua drinks.

Woman like to play board games, especially ones with Science Fiction themes where they get to fly around in space ships and blow stuff up.

Kahlua drinkers really do explore their curiosity.

Everyone regrets the Kahlua drinks in the morning. 

Okay, just kidding on the conclusions. Well except for the last one. You will regret the mudslides in the morning. 


There Will Be Games
Shellie "ubarose" Rose  (She/Her)
Managing Editor & Web Admin

Plays boardgames. Drinks bourbon. Writes code.

Articles by Shellie


Shellie "ubarose" Rose
Managing Editor & Web Admin

Articles by Shellie


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