The Agents by Saar Shai brings intrigue, deception, and espionage to a card game like no other

The Agents by Saar Shai brings intrigue, deception, and espionage to a card game like no other

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The Agents

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The Agents by Saar Shai brings intrigue, deception, and espionage to a card game like no other

The Agents is a brilliantly illustrated and intriguingly designed game of fallen agents and their attempts to fulfill missions in order to earn enough intel points to gain a win. The game incorporates double-sided cards that allow you to affect the other players around you; sometimes to their benefit, sometimes not. Everyone at the table struggles to gain enough intel points to claim victory, but with such deceptions and double-dealing, it won't be easy.


As the Agency shuts down, dismissed and disbanded Agents all around the world are trying to figure out what’s next. Left without a cause, they team up and turn against each other. You must enlist and lead your own faction of highly skilled professionals into an uncertain territory of betrayal and deception. Show no mercy, reveal no secrets.

The Agents is a deceptively simple card game; easy to learn, set up and start playing, but underpinned by intricate decision-making gameplay. Players must join their Agents into Factions, assign Missions and take their opponents down, to gather intel and win the most points. Featuring the captivating artwork of collaborator Dan Morison (aka Dark Mechanic), ‘The Agents’ will challenge your imagination and brain power as you plan, plot and scheme your way to victory.

The Agents gameplay is based on a unique, new mechanic we like to call ‘Double-edged Cards’. Each Agent card features a ‘command’ on one end of the card and ‘points’ on the other end. However, the direction in which you place the card will determine from which asset you benefit. If you choose to perform the command, one of your opponents will get the points. If you keep the points for yourself, an opponent gets to perform the command.

Throughout the game, you’ll need both commands and points to advance. Commands will allow you to manipulate Agents, control your Factions, and influence other players. But you’ll need points to buy more Agents and Missions. And ultimately, the player with the most points wins. Deciding how to place each card will require strategic precision and calculated foresight, as you try to further your own goals, and prevent your opponents from reaching theirs.

The Agents will be quickly followed by expansion sets that allows players to tackle new missions in The Agents: Mission Critical and add new agents to their roster with The Agents: Special Agents. Both provide 40 new cards each to the gameplay experience.

Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower said, “The Agents is one of the most brilliant yet simple ideas I’ve seen in a card game. It’s amazing just how much of a deep game is inside a deck of cards!”

The Agents is not just a strategic card game of espionage and betrayal, it is also an amazing collection of artwork created by Dan Morison, perhaps best known for his work on Dark Mechanic found on Deviant Art. His bold and stark illustrations make the cards burst into life throughout the game with each card bringing a new visual experience; and new intrigue.

Dan was brought up on a diet of 80's cartoons, lots of Transformers and also an early fixation with dinosaurs, so he began drawing from a very early age. He loves science fiction and fantasy, especially how you could create worlds and characters with just your hands and imagination. After leaving university with an Illustration degree under his belt, Danny since worked as a storyboarder, character designer, concept artist, illustrator, and poster and flyer designer, but never gave up his initial love of science fiction and fantasy.


The Agents, published by Ninja Division Publishing, was created by Saar Shai. A self-described “quirky inventor type,” Saar has worked hard to make his ideas become reality. Saar’s mind comes up with weird and wonderful ideas all centered on making the “user experience” as fun, rewarding and as engaging as possible. With a background in intellectual property and advertising, Saar has now turned  his first love, gaming, into his full-time passion.

The Agents by Saar Shai brings intrigue, deception, and espionage to a card game like no other There Will Be Games
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