Decipher - a New Game From the Designers of Cosmic Encounter and Dune - Announced

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Think of a secret word that is hard to crack, or be the first to find the secret word of others!

Decipher is a word deduction game for 2–4 players, featuring the "Letter Piece Game"- system of the designers of Wordsmith. A secret word is made from letter pieces and so the players ask for clues literally piece by piece. But beware, guesses are limited!

Decipher is a different kind of word game for 2–4 players. Players use 4 different letter pieces to create and solve word puzzles.

Letter Pieces

In each round a different player builds a secret word puzzle. The others only know which letter pieces are in the secret word and gather clues and points by asking about where letter pieces go. Can you decipher the the secret word?


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