11 Mar 2019 08:42 #293639 by Vysetron
Arkham 2nd ed is still the best FFG Cthulhu game I've played. I haven't tried 3rd, but it doesn't look like it'll change that. Great game.
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11 Mar 2019 21:18 - 11 Mar 2019 21:19 #293693 by Shellhead

Ah_Pook wrote: I'm in the process of a trading complete Battlelore 2e and a couple small games for complete Arkham Horror 2e. I obviously don't need that much AH, but I couldn't find the exact couple of expansions I wanted to grab and people are scalping individual ones hard these days, and the opportunity presented itself so here we are. I did enjoy Battlelore quite a bit, but honestly if I'm reaching for a 2p skirmish game these days it would be something else. Plus I grabbed it all when FFG clearanced it out a couple years ago so I feel like I'm making out pretty well on the deal on the end.

Also I've never played AH.

Arkham Horror 2nd with all the expansions has tremendous replay value, and remains my desert island game. Some people here badmouth it, but really the only actual problem is the lengthy setup and takedown time once you start playing with expansions.
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16 Mar 2019 11:15 #293923 by Jackwraith
Traded Siege of Jerusalem
Smash Up
Smash Up Awesome 9000



I'm a Conan fan. I've had the Sprague de Camp/Carter collections since I was a kid. I picked up Age of Conan and I really liked it, since I didn't really care about not being able to "be Conan in a Conan game." It was littered with little references to the stories... which no one but me appreciated, of course, because no one else in my group has ever read them. So I sold/traded it at some point. I was geeked when the new version came out because it sounded like it was even more steeped in the lore. I'm not thrilled about it being one vs all, because I have a couple of those already (The Others, TMNT) but I'm willing to try, especially because Siege was just never going to come off the shelf again. If I manage to get 1v1s in, I have a stack of block wargames and stuff like Neuroshima Hex to play. I'd been meh on my plays of Smash Up and hadn't touched it in years, so I was fine with dropping that into the trade. For once, more games are going out than coming in.
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21 Mar 2019 08:35 - 21 Mar 2019 09:06 #294167 by charlest
I don't trade often, but did swing these two recently.

Patriots and Redcoats out
Ticket to Ride First Journey in

It was an extra copy of the former and my daughter is already into the Choo-Choo game so it's a win.

Bigger one...

DropMix and many extra cards out
Battlestar Galactica unpunched in

I lost some value here but it's kind of difficult to tell. BSG goes for crazy prices now and Dropmix is at clearance levels on Amazon. Enjoy Dropmix still but it wasn't getting used much and I didn't want to pump more money into it. BSG I've regretted getting rid of for years.
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21 Mar 2019 08:42 #294168 by Jackwraith
No such thing as losing value if you got something you wanted and got rid of something you didn't.
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22 Mar 2019 10:23 #294241 by allismom3
Out: Adventurers- Temple of Chac
In: LotR: Mines of Moria

We played the hell out of Adventurers when it first came out. It was always a fun time. Not so much lately(3+ years) and nobody likes to futz around with the setup(lava room tiles, bridge, card decks, ect). So out it goes.
We have been playing a lot of Rangers of Shadow Deep(from the Frostgrave designer). Mines of Moria is a intro box set from GW in their LotR Strategy Battle game. So I'm going to use some of the fellowship minis in my warband. Moria also comes with some scenery(pillars & chests) and a bunch of goblins(everyone could use more goblin minis).

Out: Happy Pigs
In: Jupiter Rescue

Happy Pigs was a gift from a cousin who remembered a conversation from 2 years ago that I was into boardgames. I don't know how she picked out this one.
Jupiter Rescue is a game I came across by accident, from a BGG geeklist. It's from Twilight Creations(who unfairly(in my opinion) get a lot of guff). It's a puzzly co-op about maintenance bots trying to get human colonists off a space station being attacked by aliens. Looks like the type of game my group would dig.

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