F:AT Reader's Choice Awards--it's time to vote for YOUR F:AT Game of the Year!

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There Will Be Games

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That's right, guys and gals...another year has gone by, and it's time to let YOU the readers weigh in on this year's favorites.  This was an incredibly loaded year for great games.  How will your faves stack up this year?  It's time for you to VOTE!

It's Just Following the Rules, No One's a Fool

Previously, we've only done a Reader's Choice for Game of the Year, but this year we're going to expand that to include additional categories.  The idea is that we can give more games their due, not just the obvious Game of the Year candidates but also other games that deserve a little of the year-end spotlight.  Games that were innovative, fresh, or just downright fun.

So here's how we're going to play it.

First up, for those who have voted in the GOTY forum thread previously, those votes will still be counted towards the Game of the Year tally.  You can let that vote stand, or vote for the additional categories here.  Totally your call--but we want as many voices as possible to be heard.

Here, then, are the official rules:

1.  Games nominated should have either been published in 2011, or in the last half of December 2010 (to recognize those games that came out too late to make the end of year lists last year.)

2.  You may only vote for one game in each category.  If you post multiple games in a category, only the first one will be counted.

3.  If you've voted previously in our Game of the Year thread in our forums, that vote will still count towards GOTY.  If you want to vote for the other categories, you can still post to this thread, and if your choices are different, the most recent will be honored.

3. You are not obligated to vote in every category, and your other votes will be counted exactly the same.

4.  Comments, fun facts, additional opinions are welcome.  I will likely quote many of you in the official results article; we're an opinionated bunch, so it makes for good press.

5.  Voting begins immediately, and will run through New Year's Day.  I will republish this column next week to help folks keep voting.  The F:AT Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2011 column will run January 3rd, 2012.

Best Wargame
Best 2-player Game
Best Storytelling/Thematic Game
Best Card/Deckbuilding Game
Best Adventure Game
Best Expansion
Best Beer n' Pretzels Game


You know what to do.  You're loud, you're vocal, you're crass.  Now it's time to make your vote count.  
While other websites are giving out awards to brown and yellow games with
dour-looking Euro dudes on the cover...let's show them how it's done.



There Will Be Games
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