Once More, With Feeling

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oncemore.jpgThis week on BGN, we're going all touchy-feely and getting in touch with our feminine sides by exploring our emotional reactions to games. But we're doing so particularly through the medium of wargames, so it's okay - everything is macho and manly and above board as it should be.

One thing we're not talking about, although I probably should of mentioned it somewhere, is people loosing it, flipping the board, and then grabbing handfuls of components and throwing it at the other players. If you're playing Warhammer then that sort of treatment can really hurt. I've never actually seen anyone do this in real life and I'm glad about it to - anyone who takes a game seriously enough to react like that would go off my "good gamer" list right away. It'd be entertaining mind. But look, now I have managed to mention it - just not in the article directly - so that's okay.

Still read this far? Well, you're more gullible than I thought. Grab your box of Kleenex and head on over to BGN .

There Will Be Games
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