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Editor's Note:  One of our users was lamenting the lack of Gencon coverage on many of the gaming sites, ours included.  However, instead of just complaining, Metalface13 did something about it--rounded up a metric ton of news updates and posted them.  If you needed proof why our readers rock, here you go.

So you may have noticed I've been complaining a lot about how difficult it is to get news from Gen Con. So in case you haven't been diligent enough to snoop around on your own, I attempt to present to you what I've gathered has been going on, you know besides dudes in jeans and sneakers hitting each other with foam swords. My sources are varied: my brother in attendance, BGG, Gaming Report and So here we go ...
Battlestar Galactica: Probably the biggest board game going around Gen Con. It's FFG's new big license game and what a license! BSG is loved by geeks pretty much everywhere. The big deal is that not a lot of information was made available about the game prior to Gen Con and there it was for sale! My brother's friend bought it and they've been playing it. The stayed up until 4 a.m. playing it. My bro couldn't remember when it started but he thinks it may have taken 4 hours to learn how to play and play a game. He said it's very good.

Here's more details by some dude on BGG here.

Descent: Tomb of Ice: The newest expansion for Descent, a frosty one at that, also went for sale on Gen Con. Hopefully my bro will be able to pick me up a copy.

Here's a report on the basics of the components

And here's a bunch of pictures:

Gen Con promo hero
Stealth die
Feat card
Ice wyrm

Arkham Horror: The Goat of the Black Woods expansion: Also for sale at Gen Con. check here for skimpy details.

Moto Grand Prix: FFG/Nexus also has Moto Grand Prix for sale, but I haven't found any details on it.

Age of Conan: Coming from the creators of War of the Ring and Marvel Heroes is the upcoming Age of Conan. FFG was demoing the game with a pre-production copy. My brother sat down for a 10 minute demo but the guy demoing it didn't really know what he was doing. He said it contains similar elements of dice pools to War of the Ring. Haven't heard much more about it than that.

Here are some photos:

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

A Song of Fire and Ice Adventure Game: Mike Z announced that they would be play testing a new game at Gen Con, and it was announced at the con that it was an adventure game based on the Song of Fire and Ice series aka Game of Thrones.

Details came out on the Middle Earth Quest game here.

Cosmic Encounter was also being demoed. FFG showed off Mutant Chronicles, Confrontation, AT-43 stuff. I'm intrigued by this AT-43 Tactical Roleplaying Game but have found zero info on it. Also FFG is going to release a minis game based on the Dust franchise.

Here's a gallery of FFG stuff (mostly minis, but Age of Conan stuff)

If you check out this post you'll also find a write up of FFG's In Flight event where people whined about no new Space Hulk game.

It looks to me like FFG really stole the show. But then I don't really follow wargames, miniatures, CCGs, CMGs or RPGs ...

Tomb: My brother played a game of the upcoming adventure game Tomb and said it was right up my alley. Here's a spanking new review of it too

A Touch of Evil: I tried to get my brother to go check this out as it's by the people behind Last Night On Earth, but he hadn't heard of it and didn't seem real interested in hunting it down. Well, early reviews make it sound like Arkham Horror meets Prophecy and that sounds pretty fun. Here's another early review.

Monsterpocolypse: This is Privateer Press' foray into the CMG zone. You get to play as giant monsters, aliens and robots and smash stuff up. My brother saw lots of people carrying around the minis but could not find where they were selling/demoing them.

Here are photos of the minis

World of Warcraft CMG was on display too, but everything I saw/briefly read about it sounded pretty 'meh.'

Titan was also supposedly around, even with a few copies for sale, but my brother didn't see them either. Also on that note, people who pre-order games seem to get real pissy when they find out that copies are on sale at Gen Con instead of being rush delivered to the pre-orderers. But I say 'hey, the point of Gen Con is to show off new products. You get more hands on/word of mouth exposure by selling early copies there than shipping it to the guy in Nebraska who will only play it with his two buddies and might post some blurry pics on BGG.'

Did I miss anything? I can't think of anything. Unfortunately due to Z-Man's recent printing problems, a demo copy of Tales of the Arabian Nights was not on display.

Ed. Note:  AMAZING update, Metalface13.  Some serious one-stop shopping for links to all the latest Gencon gaming news.  Thanks!

There Will Be Games
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