Trashfest Northeast - A Weekend of Board Gaming and Trash Talking - November 9 - 11th, 2018

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There Will Be Games

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What is it?

Boardgaming with awesome people. We call it Trashfest but any and all games are welcome. If you dig it, bring it. 

When is it?

The weekend of November 9th - 11th

This is the weekend after Veteran's Day, which falls on a Monday. Vernon is located halfway between Boston and NYC; just a 2 hour drive from either great city.

Where is it?

Barring natural disaster it will be held in the same place as last year which is the Elks Lodge, 9 North Park St in Vernon CT. Vernon is about 15 miles outside of Hartford and 20 miles from Bradley Airport.

How much is it?

FREE (suggestion donation of $20 collected on site) However you must request an invitation no later than October 8th. Space is limited. Priority will be given to people who have attended in the past and their guests, followed by Fortress members, and finally Facebook followers. 

How Do I Request an Invitation?

Respond to this thread or PM Uba by Oct 8th. Include which days you wish to attend and how many will be attending.

Where can I stay?

There are hotels of various quality/cost in the area from the Holiday Inn Express to the Motel 6 to several flavors of Marriott. There is limited guest room amd floor space avalible at the homes of local attendees. Please cotact ubarose if you are looking for a hotel room mate or local space to crash. 

What about food?

Your own for food. There is every type of fast food within 10 minutes of the hall and several restaurants that deliver, so no big deal.




Friday Nov. 9th from 6pm Until Bartender says "Get Out" (12am maybe?)

    • Open Gaming
    • The Great Flick-Off

In the main building in the lounge. That's the room with tables, juke box, pool table and cheese bowling table right off the bar. The bartender has the option to make "last call" early if he isn't making money so I'm not telling you that you HAVE to drink but it wouldn't hurt. Last year we used this time for fun lighter/dexterity type stuff. We will have a Crokinole Board, Tumblin' Dice (hopefully), and the classic block game Cornerstone plus anything anybody else brings.

You will have to sign in at the bar when you arrive listing Alan Rose as your host.


Saturday Nov. 10th from 10am to 12am

    • Open gaming in the Carriage House. 
    • Shelf Toad Sale - Sell your old, unloved games.  
    • The Great Flick-Off
    • Additional activities, special guests and game demos are planned. 


Sunday Nov. 11th from 12pm until last person leaves

    • Open Gaming
    • The Great Flick-Off Awards Ceremony


Descriptions of Trashfest Northeast Special Events

The Great Flick Off

Over the course of Trashfest we will be holding a free form tournament. A copy of all the best flicking games will be present. At a time of your own choosing, you play any or all of them and earn points based on your performance. The person with the most points on Sunday shall be bathed in glory, have the right to demean and ridicule all other flicking wanna be's, and hear Al Rose say "I have tasted the bitter totality of defeat." There will also be a wonderful prize if the other things are not enough. So far the games list includes: Crokinole Flick-em-Up Rampage Ascending Empires Pitch Car Mini Catacombs Sorry Sliders And many more....


Shelf Toad Used Game Sale

Bring your unloved games and trade them to other guests for money. In return, we are asking for a voluntary donation of 5% of the sale price (or whatever you feel you can afford) to support the There Will Be Games. 

Sellers: Clean out your shelves. Bring your crappy games. Tag them with your name and your price. Put them on the Shelf Toad table. Put donation in Support the Fort jar when they sell

Buyers: Browse the Self Toad table for awesome treasures at reasonable prices. Find that Grail Game, or maybe just the perfect Secret Satan gift. Find the person whose name is on the tag, give them money, and you get to keep the game.  Don't forget to bring cash.

More to come...

There Will Be Games Trashfest