Monsterpocalypse to go Non-Collectible

Monsterpocalypse to go Non-Collectible Hot

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From the Privateer Press website:

While the Monsterpocalypse website has remained relatively quiet since the DreamWorks movie announcement, behind the scenes has been a constant flurry of activity as Privateer Press continues to work closely with our new partners defining the future of everyone’s favorite kaiju game.

In light of the success of the Monsterpocalypse battle miniatures game two-player starter released last October, Privateer Press has decided to move Monsterpocalypse into a new non-collectible format. Privateer Press will be releasing the first follow-up,Monsterpocalypse: Dangerous Monster Zone, in summer 2011. The expansion will feature figures from classic Monsterpocalypse series for the factions introduced in the core game. The new non-random format allows collectors and players to fill out their favorite factions easily, as each box will be clearly marked with its specific faction set.


Monsterpocalypse to go Non-Collectible There Will Be Games
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