Star Trek: Into Darkness

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If jazz can be described as taking an established musical form and applying your own subjective filter to it in order to produce something both familiar and new, then Star Trek: Into Darkness is very jazzy indeed. Like it's 2009 predecessor if you go into the movie expecting it to be faithful to the beat of the 1960's TV show you are sure to be frustrated and disappointed. If you enter with the hopes that the tempo will fast paced and action packed and you want the rhythm of  space shoot-em-up filled with youthful exuberance and energy then you are sure to have a fun time. Despite J.J. Abrams use of the shaky cam (God when will that technique die the death it so richly deserves?)  the visuals deliver.  Benedict Cumberbatch's riff on the role of the villain was fresh and entertaining while the rest of the actors hit the notes of their parts well enough. If you have been able to avoid spoilers and hype about the movie, as I was lucky enough to do, I suggest you see it before you learn too much and especially before the squares begins the inevitable griping.  "I was led to believe this would be the Blue Danube by Strauss!" they will harumph to which you will reply "Too bad, Gramps. This is Blue Daniel by Frank Rossalino and it swings, Baby!"

Star Trek: Into Darkness There Will Be Games
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