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There Will Be Games

Really fun collection of four short stories, two of which are outstanding, one is really good and one...just good.

It's a Spanish movie from Argentina and Spain originally titled "Relatos Salvajes."  It's muy importante to see it in its original language (with subtitles) as opposed to seeing it dubbed. You don't want to miss any of these performances.

The first two stories are so insanely good, I wanted to rush out the theatre and tell everyone within shouting distance that they HAVE to see this. Then the next one was "only" excellent and the last one just couldn't keep up with the pacing of the first three. So it's sort of like eating at an amazing restaurant where every dish blows you away but the dessert is only good. You sort of leave feeling weird a bit. Doesn't mean the movie isn't really worth seeing.

OH WAIT! I just remembered there was a fifth story in the middle somewhere that was really great as well. I had totally forgotten. Ouf, these short story movies are tough to keep track of everything. Hang on a sec...apparently there were six stories, I can't remember the sixth one at all. Dammit.

I also just noticed that this got nominated for an Oscar last year but didn't get the North American release until this year, hence why I missed it. K, just remembered the sixth one, it was also good. Official tally then is 2 outstanding shorts, 2 really good ones and 2 that were ok.

Heart rating: 5 stars

Brain rating: 4 stars 

There Will Be Games

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