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Cafe Society - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
There Will Be Games

Much like Match Point, Woody Allen explores the allure of infidelity and the simple nature of man. 

Jesse Eisenberg gives a commanding lead performance but it simply takes too long for co-star Kristen Stewart, cute as she is, to catch up. Her initial character is just simply hard to believe as an actual person. Where's this confidence coming from? 

Also, some of the casting is tough to swallow as goofy Steve Carrell is a Hollywood agent but takes too long to warm into the role. It's always tough for audiences to buy these transitions and just when I was no longer seeing him as Michael Scott, in walks Paulie Walnuts playing an East Coast italian. Are you kidding me?

Some comedic moments are well worth it (early on Jesse is with a prostitute and it's classic Woody Allen dialogue, hilarious). Although the humor is nice and subtle and the background characters are fantastic, I felt like Allen was connecting the dots too often for the audience where he didn't need to, and not exploring other ideas where he left them intentionally obscure. 

Still even with a potentially miscast Kristen Stewart, I think the movie was enjoyable enough. Some beautiful New York vistas near the end in Central Park as only Woody Allen can film. 

Heart rating: 3.5 stars

Brain rating: 3 stars

There Will Be Games

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