Disneynature Born in China - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

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Disneynature Born in China - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
There Will Be Games

My daughter absolutely loved this and wants to see it again. For me, it felt like a really long 79 minutes but there were some really special moments.

It's a nature documentary on five different species of animals living in China's wild. Some of the events filmed are truly remarkable and I could watch a Panda mom helicopter-parent her cub for hours. In watching nature documentaries there is a modern-day tendency to root for the prey, you don't really want to see the carnivores "win." But what happens if one baby antelope would feed a snow leopard and her cubs for a week? Who face certain death without food? This documentary bravely answers questions like that and it gets you to respect the balance of nature. Great for kids even.

I'm not sure I want Jim from The Office doing the voice-over though. Especially if he's not going to make any jokes. The way he delivers the final narrative line, "....in CHINA!" just totally misses the mark. To further rub it in, the credits then feature the various photograhers narrating the weather, who are all way more interesting to listen to than John Krasinski (I'm a fan by the way, just not for this).

Heart rating: 4 stars (super cute)

Brain rating: 3.5 stars


There Will Be Games

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